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  1. What if I were to buy the barrel and a 130 sp or a maybe a PDI 240% ?
  2. I have done lots of researching across forums and am even more lost than when I began. I play every once in a while with friends, so I don't want to spend more than about 80 dollars, but I do want my velocity to be around 480. I do have laylax upgraded sears and a KA bucking, but that is it. At first I thought about buying a LayLax Sp150, but figuared it would hurt the gun more than help it. I have come to believe my best solution is doing all the free mods and replacing the barrel with a 430mm 6.03 Laylax. What else would I need to buy? I figuared that I would need barrel spacers, but is there anything else? Also will the longer outer barrel on the Jg-Bar 10 be a problem? Feal free to post any other substitutes for my situation that cost about 80 dollars. Thanks
  3. I keep hearing about a mock silencer for the UHC mp5, anyone know where ii can find that?
  4. lol, thanks for makeing this hard. I had a utg ak47, but I got a defected one. So sent it back and they said all they would do is fix it. I got it back... It was shooting slow, and screws were missing. This was a while back. Ok, so it's between the be xm8 and UHC mp5, unless anyone has any other ideas.
  5. Ok, im looking into the UHC Mp5, and it looks like it will work. Just a few questions. Not that im going to, but can it have a better spring put in to it, or some parts like that? altough it does shoot pretty fast already, just a question. And how does it comapre to the UTG mp5? Does any one here like UTG? I like ther Utg shotguns, but I was entirely impressed... They looked like they were shooting slow, and the ones I played with were completely different. Ones trigger was hard to pull and one shot to the right. So thanks, but I think ill look at the UHC.
  6. aren't echo's in the 130$ range? Along with that though, im really just looking for a gun that wont break on me. Haveing the best gun the shoots 330fps while all the others go to 260, just make the game unfun. No one does anything. We all just sit there. So im looking for a gun that will keep the utg catious.
  7. So, I want to get back into airsoft. I usually just play in my back yard with about 5 other friends. One has the UTG mp5, super 9, and two others have the UTG shotgun. I was just wondering if the xm8 would be a good gun in this situation. I also don't want to spend much more. From what it looks like The mp5 and and the xm8 have about the same stats. Anyone have any idea. Thanks
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