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  1. Hello Admins, I have tried about 3 times to update my profile, and each time I hit the button to amend my profile, I get a error stating that all fields must be filled in. They are. Any ideas?
  2. Admins, please close this topic. It is not for sale anymore.
  3. Product for Sale: TM G36C Brief Description: This is a TM G36C that has been upgraded to 400 FPS. Condition: 3 – Average, The internals have been upgraded so it is between a 2 and 3 Modifications: Custom made 3pt sling King Arms 200mm mock silencer Systema 363mm tightbore barrel BSA 2x Red dot scope - (read an excellent review here: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/reviews/show...hp?product=157) Duracon Area 1000 silent piston head (I will edit this post once I get the updated internals part list from the shop.) Equipment: Everything above will be included, as well as the Orginal Manual, Orginal Box, Original Barrel. Asking Price: $425 SHIPPED! FPS: 400 on .2 ToyTec BB's Pictures: The battery in the 2nd picture IS NOT INCLUDED! I will have more pictures this week. Please visit my profile for my contact information, or leave a message here if you are interested. The website isn't allowing my to fully update my profile information otherwise you would be able to get my MSN ID from there. Please either send me a PM and I will reply back to you with it, or reply to this thread. Thanks for reading up on the TM G36C I have for sale. Reason for selling: Getting a CA SCAR-L
  4. I'm interested in it, but would like to know the FPS of the gun before I fully consider it.
  5. Awsome guide, I think I might try my own upgrades instead of paying a guy on my team to do it. Looking forward to seeing your v3 guide.
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