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  1. I have been buying A&K guns since the first s-system clone and I have not had a single problem with any of them. And as far as competing with TM or CA in the field, stock most A&Ks shoot 350fps so believe me you'll be competitive with TMs and CAs. I have owned and still own guns made by TM,CA,ICS and I have to say that I have been more then impressed by A&K,Jing Gong& D-boys! Since these days money is tight for the majority of airsofters I would have to say the Chinese guns have come just in time . One note if you have no actual personal experierence with a particular brand or model don't post a second hand comment without clarifying it, empty opinions are misleading !
  2. First off let me say nice weapon, but tuck that arm my man. As far as the location goes for your pics, bad and dangerous choice! And the mag issue alot of the original Kalashnikov mags were orangeish or brown. And I like your growing collection it meets with my motto "he who dies with the most toys,wins"!
  3. I have to agree with those who have said go with the A&K, they are the same gun and echo-1 warranty is really just a marketing gimmick. The aluminum case is nice for storage but it is nothing special, so go for the regular packaging and save some bucks. Now if poinact can ever get them back in stock they have gone to the reg.pkg. and lowered the price to $278.00 and I have come to trust them more than most US sites.
  4. Well it seems to me that customs is being a little more critical right now, but I could be completely off base. I just would rather get it for a US retailer and avoid a possible customs delay.
  5. Please guys, while I appreciate the responses, I know about the HK sites that have it! My question was does anyone know of a USA retailer that has them! Unless you can point to a US retailer that has the JING GONG sig 550 and not the sig 552 please don't post ok thanks.
  6. Well we already have a 552 and if your interested in one of those kapowwe and pointact have them.
  7. Has anybody seen a US retailer carrying the JG sig550 yet? I bought a JG sig552 for my son at christmas time and I want the sig550 for myself. The only reason I'm trying to avoid HK sites right now is the customs hassle with it being so close to the Olympics.
  8. I said, Japan, Classic airsoft, Gas Guns and Daisy.Now to clarify the choice of Daisy, Daisy put out a line in the early 80s of springers known as softair guns that shot 6mm plastic bbs. But the JAC and Asahi gas guns were showing up at that time also. As far as modern airsoft goes I would say that Tokyo Marui led the way with the modern electric guns known as AEGs! I've been involved in this sport off and on for over 20 some years so my answers are from real experience and not wiki or google or any other some such research site.
  9. If you had read my first post you would have seen that I had already given the correct website of airsoftadvantage !
  10. That depends it can be as low as $35 or as high as $75, it all depends on the shipper they use and with the high cost of jet fuel you can bet those shipping costs are goin to go up!
  11. I have to say that they look a little fishy to me too, their pics and loadout combos look as though they were copied from weaponblender.com! And just to reaffirm a statement I've made before, everyone seems to have one site that is their favorite, so unless the person telling you about a site has personal experience with that site I advise do some investigating on your own. Since I am now semi retired I spend alot of time contacting sites by both e-mail or phone and asking some key questions, if they pass muster on those I make a small order and see how well they perform. I have had a couple of bad experiences with both US and HK sites but in their defense everyone is entitled to a mistake now and then. The following list are sites I have done business with over the years and had consistent good service from them: www.kapowwe.com,www.evike.com,www.pointact.com,www.airsoftgi.com and as far as HK sites go the following are the only ones I will deal with,www.wgcshop.com,www.uncompany.com,www.aegarms.com and on rare occassion www.redwolfairsoft.com. All the sites and companies I have listed I have used personally among a few others.
  12. They are very reliable and extremely popular so don't get mad if an item you order gets back-ordered due to it being out of stock. They are usualy good about notifying you if something is out of stock. As far as shipping cost goes it is very high so I would go with the suggestion of using www.airsoftadvantage.com (that is the correct website). I myself am waiting on a stock alarm for the new JG sig550 so I get get my order in with airsoft advantage. If your looking at HK sites wgc, uncompany,and aegarms are probably the most reliable choices. I have heard good things about gunner airsoft, but I myself have not ordered from them yet. Remember to check the US retailers as well the principal cost is always higher but the shipping is lower and if it's in stock it's usualy gauranteed to be delivered within 3 to 5 days. I hope this has helped you and if you ever have a question your not sure about PM me, I have over 20 years experience in this great sport so to me there are no stupid questions unless they go un asked.
  13. I don't know where you got the idea that VFC internals last longer then Real Sword internals. The internals on the Real Sword guns are state of the art, as far as part compatibility it should not be an issue as they have an excelent replacent part dept. in place ! As far as springs go some modification may need to be done and Redwilf airsoft can help you out there. If your looking for a DMR though I would give some consideration to rifles with longer tightbore barrels.
  14. Well since your 3 choices are among the most expensive guns on the market price must not be a factor. So in my humble opinion go with either of the Real Sword guns, they are absolutely the cleanest most sell built guns I have ever seen. I was at the trade show back in March and got to handle and fire the real sword guns and I was extremely impressed!
  15. Although WE has made improvements to their guns I would have to agree with the others and say go with a KWA or TM, if you have bucks to spend then go with a Tanaka or Western Arms. This is just one humble opinion, I have run the gammut on GBB pistols and when it comes to quality the old addage "you get what you pay for" truly applies.
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