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  1. Here, I didnt give you a exact link so scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the Action M1 3.5-10 scope. Its is 75$ I think, it has quick adjust turrets for easy zeroing to fit your needs. hope I helped
  2. no problem man. glad I can save you a couple bucks
  3. wow. lol there shipping is great then (shortyusa)!! but I got my UTG MK96 plus a scope for 170...
  4. no no, go to pyramydair.com I ordered it for 130 and free shipping and got it withink 2 weeks.
  5. Yes, the UTG MK96 shadow ops is great. I had a game last week and was picking off my friend at about 175 feet-200 feet. I think its great and I use it for the same purposes as you would.
  6. The MK1 is not accurate. Go with the UTG MK96 Shadow Ops, I have it and I love it =]
  7. here is my UTG MK96: here is my UTG MK96:
  8. Chuck is right. I was hitting coke cans at 75 feet yesterday no problem with PHX .28. I don't use the hopup to much though
  9. well.. I would tell him to get a M324 made by UTG just to test out sniping. if he likes it and stuff there you go, but if he doesnt he only spen about 130 on a gun.
  10. I got my MK96 last week. it is very good! I took out for testing and I could hit my friend from 175 feet! and we were playing a match and I was ontop of myu friends garage and there was a target walking from 125 feet away and I nailed him in the cheak. (sp) its a very good gun!
  11. I just got mu UTG MK96 yesterday and I was able to get about 2/3 3/4 inch groupings from about 40' I know its close range but its built very solid.. I don't even have any gripes about the stock or bipod. also, there is a 500fps kit from OK at uncompany.com.. if you search for OK 500 fps kit it should pop up.. its $130
  12. How do you remove the orange tip on the UTG MK96? thanks
  13. or you can go on pyramyd air and get it for about 160 with free shipping
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