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  1. Ok thanks, It was either going to be the XM8, the Be AUG MGB(found it for $50), or the BIM4. I guess I'm going to get the BIM4. Just one more question, how long have you had yours?
  2. Hello everyone, I was looking for a new airsoft gun around the $50's range, and after 2 days of research, I finally narrowed down the search to the BE XM8, and the BIM4. I can't really narrow it down any further, so I thought I'd come hear and ask you guys. Overall, which one will I be better off with? NOTE: I've already looked into MGB's, however they're out of my price range so please stay on topic...
  3. I don't want to have to do mainenence. don't you have to do maintenece on MGB guns? EDIT: I don't see a Well R5 for $40 on that site. Perhaps you could send me the link?
  4. Ok thanks, so it isn't in any way neccesary to perform maintenece on a PGB, and it its only neccesary on a mgb when you begin to notice a decrease in performance? Also, I'm about to buy a BIM4, am I making a good choice for an LPEG?
  5. The only real reason I have not bought an airsoft gun with a metal gear box, is because it seems as if they require more maintenece than plastic gear boxes. IS that true? Also, if you buy an airsoft gun with a metal gear box, is it ABSOLUTELY neccesary to take it apart and do maintenece. And lastly, is there any maintenece that is required on guns with PGB's (XM8, BIM4, etc.)? Your replies will definalty set me straight. Thanks.
  6. HI. After BOTH of my JG AK47's(pgb)were miserably outperformed by a BE SL8(pgb), and a Crosman Pulse R72(PGB), I decided it was time for a new gun. I had always looked at and liked the BIM4, but I REALLY don't want to go through all the problems that the AK's gave me. So I just need a few questions answered. 1. Is the gun's lemon rate high? 2. Is it good out of the box, or are there a truckload of fixes that must be made? 3. Can it compete with the BE SL8, an the Pulse R72? 4. Will it last if I take care of it, and is it worth the money, or is there another High end LPEG that I'm missing here?(I only want PGB for different reasons) Price range is $50 *Puts on flame proof vest
  7. Hello all, I have a JG AK47 LPEG, which has it's hop-up snapped off with it all the way on. It gets good distance, I'd say around 100ft, but its accuracy is sub-par. So I came across a new MAg which holds 250rds and figured(oh, that solves my problem), but I was wondering what you all think. Being perfectly honest, whcih would you prefer, Slow ROF, Low Capacity, High Accuracy. or High ROF, High Capacity, Low Accuracy Post your opinion, and let me know why.
  8. First off I'd like to thank you for replying. Secnondly, My funds are EXTREMELY tight as of now. I have a birthday coming up, but I'm probrably going to have an airsoft party. (doesn't rlly work out). Also, I've spent so much money on "FANTASTIC" lpegs, that my mom isnt willing to let me buy anything remotely expensive. "No, you've wasted to much money, and you don't even like them! I don't want all kindsa charges on my credit card". I;m kinda in a pickle here, any help is appreciated.
  9. Hello everyone. I currently own a slew of LPEGs, including the GB MP5SD5v2, (now broken) BE AUG, and the JG AK47. My AK47's hopup selector switch snapped off with hop all the way on, which doesnt really bother me. What does, however is the 65 rd mag. I was looking around on airsoft1.com and Came across the BIM4. The BIM4 averages 227fps w/.2, and coems with a 350rd Hi-Cap. My JG averages 190 w/.2. The BIM4 costs $50, however. I also came across a 250rd mag for the JG AK47, for $5, and I was wondering what I should do. Should I screw my AK47, and spend $50 on the BIM4(pretty much just buying for 40 more fps, and 350 rds...)? Or should I just keep my AK47 w/it's now fixed hopup, and spend $5 to get the 250rd Hicap? I also found another ak mag for $9 that holds 600. Help is GREATLY appreciated.
  10. Its a JG AK47 LPEG(PGB). My hop is stuck all the way on so my range is good but im worried about FPS loss. Should I be worrying?
  11. I was in a skirmish and my hopup selector switch broke off with it all the way on. Now my hopup is stuck on. Is this a problem? About how many FPS am I losing now, even though my range is good? Please answer as it is very important. I heard the FPS loss is around 20-30 fps. Is this true?
  12. Im just wondering if PGB'd guns(LPEG) need to be lubed? Please answer, as it is important to me. thanx!
  13. I have recently Purchased the Golden Bow PGB LPEG SMG and I want to know how it is, and if you can compare it to anything. Thanks!
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