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  • Birthday 12/12/1991

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    Bellingham, Washington
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    CNC, Girls, Airsoft, Engineering, Religion, Camoflage, First Person Shooters, Movies, Comedy, Goju Ryu, Custom Fabrication

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    KJW M700, VSR-10, UTG M324, Echo-1 M16, Assorted Cyma Guns

About Me

Hi, My name's Chris.


I'm calm, mature, and relaxed. I love to answer questions that those newer to the sport may have, and I'm always happy to help a just and worthy cause.


Since this is an airsoft forum, I'll skip out on my life's story.


As far as airsoft goes, my role of choice is the Sniper. I love being invisible, relaying valuable information, and taking out high-value targets with one presice shot.


I bet I'm notorious for trying to improve the sniping world. I once tried to petition to get a BB company to make high quality heavy weight BB's for snipers, and I've always been interested with trying to get Non-Sperical-Projectiles to work. Right now, I'm working on building an airsoft sniper rifle in 6mm bore from scratch. Wish me luck.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



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