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  1. Ive got the same problem. After being away from ASF and airsoft for a year I was not very thrilled about my glock not working.
  2. SilentKs Zombie plan: Location: JFK airport Who: myself, my hot blonde, vinnie {one of my gun loving friends}, vinnie's girl, don{another gun loving friend}, and don's girl What: lots of great stuff really Weapons: -5 m4a1 with RIS rails, 15 mags each -5 m16a2 with RIS rails, 15 mags each -2 Barret M82, 5 mags each -1 Browning m2 duce .50, with tripod mount -2 Browning .30 with tripod mounts -3 Remington m24 SWS 2 .308 with bipods and silencers. 5 mags each -5 remington 870 magnum with extended shell tubes, and surefire tac lights -2 remington 1187 magnum with extended shell tube, with surefire tac lights -4 H&K mp5, 15 mags each -10 glock 17, 10 standard cap mags each, removable surefire x400 handgun lights -2 FN herstal m249, 5 box mags each -2 FN herstal m240, 5 box mags each -150 fragmentaion grenades -75 claymore mines -50 SLAM charges -2 smith and wesson 500 magnum -3 H&K G3A3, 15 mags each Ammunition: -25,000 rounds of armour percing rounds, 5.56x45 NATO -25,000 rounds of JHP {hollow pointed} 5.56x45 NATO rounds -15,000 rounds of armour percing rounds, .50 BMG {browning} -10,000 rounds of .30-06 armour percing rounds -20,000 rounds of amour percing 7.62x51 NATO -3000 3.5in 12 guage shells -10,000 9mm JHP rounds -1000 round .500 FMJ Equipment: 7500 MREs , 25,000 gallons of water {I don't know to much about gallons so...} in barrels, 5000 gallons of gasoline in barrels , 5 generators, 5000 CR123A batteries, 10 surefire UB2 Invictus {not yet realeased } flashlights, 10 Axes, 10 KA-BAR knifes with sharpeners, 10,000 feet of 550 para cord, LOTS of ply wood, 3 hammers , 5000 2.5 inch nails, 5 shovels, 6 zippos with extra fuel, 10 flint fire starters , 500 road flares, 15 coleman dual mantle propane lanterns, 5000 bottles of propane, 3 dual burner propane stoves with pots and pans, 6 external frame backpacks, 10 MOLLE plate carriers with plenty of plates, Varrious pouches for the vests. {all types}, 10 leatherman charge TTi multi tool, 6 Altimeter watches with 10 spare batterys each The plan: -Board up un-wanted windows -close off unwanted parts of the airport. -organize supplys in rooms more center in the airport in a large room -find and designate rooms for certain times and tasks. -sweep entire airport for survivors and/or hidden zombies -sweep entire airport for usefull items. -place some claymores at exits that will not be useb but leave one exit open that will be patroled often. -pass out supplys: *choice of m4 or m16 *5 frags *2 SLAMs *a glock *A vest *A knife and tool *a flashlight *a backpack *A watch *a firestarter *5 road flares *500 feet of 550 paracord *100 cr123a batterys -place lanternes for nightime -let everyone chose living quarters -set up day and night shifts and patrol routes -set up armoury for when the crap hits the fan and we need to resupply or get better weapon for special task -Kill Zombies THE END I think I went a bit over board Note: my original was organized but was HUGE. so I had to chop it down to make it smaller. I know it would never happen like this but I could at least dream :D
  3. yes they are the same as far as us airsofters go. they may differ by 10 or so fps but they are the same. just add some silicone oil to you mag valves every once and a while, and you will be ready to rock. whups, almost forgot. Welcome to ASF
  4. SilentK


    there are currently no upgrades other than tightbores, and those should give you 450 or so fps on green. Yes these are fairly new to airsoft, and aegs are still on top. AEGs however have ALOT more moving parts. I myself would buy the WA because I don't like all those moving parts and all the replacments. working on the insides of aegs is a hobby by its self. but it wont be long before more and more companies use gas to power their guns. A little bit of history: blowback and rifles that ran off of something compresed were the first airsoft rifles back in the 80s and 90s. its called classic airsoft.
  5. I am sure about these: Five-senveN runs 134a glock runs green. I am NOT sure about these but I think: desert eagle runs green, mk23 runs 134a
  6. you would have to make a homemade one. you can find guides on how to do it on the internet. A silencer on this gun would not work very well seeing as MOST spring guns, most sound does not come out of the barrel. I do not know about this gun however. But you would have to make your own.
  7. So what? having an orange tip on a gun makes it fake? ANYONE can paint an orange tip on ANY gun. so what, I can make a glock fake with a bit of orange? No. it is something chinese dealers put on their airsoft guns to help it through customs. nothing more. There have been well over 5 topics on this, and there is nothing we can do about it or these stupid inmature kid getting their hands on air guns and bringing them to school and showing them off in public. these stupid kids are gitting killed by law enforcement officers, even with orange tips, bucause they have them in public and when the police, swat, and whatever shows up with handguns and shotguns and all that stuff and order the kid to drop it, the kid doesnt because knows it is fake and trys to tell the cops by raising the gun to show them but that barrel is pointed at just one person, the cops have the order to kill, and that is what they do. There is no stoping it and there never will be without killing airsoft 100%, and that is what it is going to come down too.
  8. SilentK

    Crosman Bbs

    use those at you owns risk! I would not use them in any thing more than a $50 gun. it will more than likley ruin many tightbores. every k or so I find a severly deformed bb that would make any aeg owner mad if they shot it. they might be fine if you check through them, but you would be better with internet bbs or high quality .25s or something like that
  9. I know for a fact that duster gas works just the same , and I have seen 134a refrigerant at car stores so I figure that if you can dig up an adapter that it would work just fine. but other than that I would just run propane till the stock slide blows then get a metal slide.
  10. for future reference, wiggles, we do not usually post in a topic that is over a week old, better yet 6 months ANYWAY.. I always try to take out the SAW gunner because I know if anyone is going to cause the most damage, it is going to be him.
  11. alot of it, as velcrochicken said, has to do with not taking time to read stickies. because a lot of new people post stupid questions like is the kwa/ksc glock 17 a good gun. they say they searched and searched but came up witrh nothing. iit is clear they did not search. so yeah it would be a good idea. a better idea would be to have a common sense test before you join the forums.
  12. just to be on the safe side keep your gun in your trunk and keep it unloaded. if you are ever pulled and asked to step out of your car and pop the trunk, use common sense, and don't grab at it.
  13. you can carry bbs in public just don't go around telling people that you have them. if you use your brain then you should be fine. about the school thing, it is at my school too and I have told on them and nothing has happened. it is a fact of life that kid nowadays can take normal classroom supplys and make weapons out of them. it is sad but it is a fact of life. one kid hit one of the cops at my school with one once, and well that kid was not to happy after that. I did not see him again for a while.
  14. SilentK

    Is It Bad?

    if someone you don't know can see you then you just need to stop. yes I know I know it is your land and you should have the right to do what you want to do one your land but you cant in todays world. If you saw someone with something that looks like a rifle and did not know what airsoft was, would you let it go knowing that your neighbor has a rifle and is shooting it day after day? do something good for yourself and get a better fence or good somewhere else to shoot. it wont kill you if you cant shoot in your yard.
  15. Wow! Great looking m16. {looks sorta like an ar-10} it also looks like a CA. I love the looks the vertical foregrip adds to it. how does it shoot? great job on your collection.
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