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  1. thanks, very much appreciated. and yes, I know how to take apart mu gun. I found out my hop-up rubber was UPSIDE DOWN somehow and I just twisted it and put the notch it has in the hop up chamber's slit it has on the side and put everything back on and tested its accuracy by making my friend run for a 5 second head start out of my backyard for telling me to get it checked out and upgraded
  2. Hi, I have a vsr-10, just upgraded by my local shop, and I loved this thing, hitting quarters at 50 ft, but then I thought of the hop -up and how I can upgrade it to shoot even more accurate. So I brought it to my local shop and asked about it. an employee took my gun apart to bare essentials of the hop-up chamber and explained what can be done to improve it. SO I get hope, and still in love with my gun (haha) have to shoot it just to well.....shoot it and I notice it literally shoots at the ground after I :censored2: it. so I adjust my hop-up and shoot again, and it just shot the ground faster. I had a freind over and he saw that after I pull the bolt back and then push it forward to set it back, the cylider pushes the bb to the hop-up rubber as its supposed to do, but after cocking it (I didnt see it cuz I had black bbs) that the bbs fell right out of the muzzle. GREAT! I have took out the rubber and cleaned it with soap and water to get it as clean and grippy as possible but nothing seems to work. ANY IDEAS!? Sorry for the long post, MuNKEe
  3. TEFLON PPL! Its perfect to add, really easy to layer and cut to precise thread size and its removable+it makes a good seal to get Max. air flow
  4. well the tightbore barell works fine and I modded it right to fix the gun (4 years of machining) and I have evn had the idea of cleaning out the rubber with soapy water b/c I lubed my gun w/ graphite and silicone. It worked for about 3 shots after that and it then still failed to hold the bb after that. And how did I just lose ^0 bucks ? For a new hop-up chamber? but anyway I just took it in to a shop cuz I was tired of getting ideas on how I can get it to work and taking it apart every time (16x to be exact lol) and if all fails....who wants to buy a sniper? lol
  5. Hey im havong ALOT of problems w/ my hop-up chamber (yea the whole Darn thing is screwed up) and can someone send me a pick of their hop-up chamber for a MP001?
  6. hey guys im not smart enough to get the pics on there but I know that you guys would know what im talking about. its the rubber piece at the beginning of the hop-up chamber and the little plastic piece that the bb first hits holds it (like its supposed to) and the bolt goes back forward and pushes it through the beginning part of the rubber but the rubber doesnt hold it ....it just rolls through
  7. hey I just got a new barell, fitted it, and I got it in and everything fits, but there is one thing, my hop-up was all the way down so when I shot, the bb literally went straight down and when I put the hop-up on it still did the same thing. and after a few shots the bbs just fell out of the barrel and I found that it was the hop-up rubber and I cant find out whats wrong with it and ill send a pic of it but I still cant find out whats wrong! Help ME!
  8. hey guys thanks for the advise, and sorry for not being specific I was just wondering how to upgrade. and I was goin for consistent 400~420 and I play as a good shot with my sniper but well in an assault type of way and slightly tactical so im kinda all around either urban or woodland
  9. I feel stupid asking ppl this but with all of the upgrades possible and all that technical crap I was wondering what upgrades would simply make my gun shoot better, faster, more accurate, and more solid. Thanks, MuNkEe
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