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  1. Bumpity bump. Find a better deal on a GSPEC
  2. Bump. I guess everyone is playing cqb these days
  3. Birthday bump. This is an incredible deal. The quality of a TM can't be compared with any other.
  4. Yes trades for cash moneys, nothing else Thanks for the interest
  5. I'm selling my highly upgraded TM VSR-10 GSPEC. I haven't played airsoft in years and I hate to see this sit around. It has a camo paint job over the factory black stock. The upgrades are as follows: Noobies M-trigger:$110 Laylax spring guide:$25 Laylax sp150:$19 Laylax sp170:$23 Laylax nineball bucking:$20 Laylax high pressure Orange piston:$50 Laylax Airseal cylinder head(with dampner):$30 Laylax Teflon cylinder:$112 DBC 6.01 430mm Tightbore:$70 Echo 1 Harris Bipod:$55 I cannot guarantee the condition of the hopup bucking or other rubber/silicone parts considering how old the gun is. It fires and functions without hiccups. I made several 100 yard shots with this rifle using .36 after building it 5 years ago. A tune up is recommended to make those type of shots again. Does not include a scope or rings. Looking for a quick sale at $325+shipping. Will come in original TM box. PAYPAL ONLY. Sold as-is. Contact me with any questions.
  6. Im looking for either a BAR or VSR complete trigger mech and complete cylinder. I havent been on here in a while, but Im posting this for a friend. PM with what you have an what youre asking. Im looking to get these in the next week, and I have paypal ready. In terms of trading, I have a lot of stuff. Just ask me what I have if you have what I want.
  7. I do realize its been at this price for 9 months. I don't give a crap. I have come very close to selling on many others forums. You do realize I said no lowballers? GTFO. Thanks for the thread crap arsehole
  8. Someone please buy this! I really need what Im asking
  9. $475 SHIPPED! Come and get this, Im not going any lower. This is already an amazing price
  10. Can people just make some fair offers? Bump
  11. This stuff needs to go. Send me offers!!!!
  12. Well whats your price range? Im a little negotiable. You can PM me
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