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  1. Couple of things before the ad: 1. Paypal only 2. Prices do NOT include shipping. Any additional insurance required will be at your expense 3. Offer up if you feel the price isnt fair but no lowballing please 4. NO TRADES NO TRADES im slowly getting out of airsoft VFC m4 - SOLD to yawnjae This is a bone stock vfc m4 in excellent condition that I acquired a while back. Completely stock vfc. Working bolt catch, excellent finish with barely any wear marks. NOTE!! it does not have any battery connectors at the moment as I chopped off the tamiya ones and was going to replace them with deans but never got around to it. As such I am not able to test the m4 before sending it out, but last time I shot it it worked fine. Hence the low price. motor grip has been detached for ease of packing. Get a vfc for cheaper than dboys/a&k/china stuff. Genuine Magpul AAC m4-2000 QD suppressor CCW threads. Even has the original magpul tube packing it came with. The flash hider is included and currently attached to the suppressor for ease of packing. these retail for 85 not including shipping. yours for $60 Brand new AMP t5000 short motor. Excellent motor. IMO better quality than SHS and some other ACM brands. - $30 Madbull Daniel Defense Sopmod Ris II 12.5 inch rail with all mounting hardware. As you can see, its a brand new unit not even removed from packaging, so I kept it that way. Sure you can get ACM cheaper, but madbull has better finish quality and overall QC. was 115 new not including shipping. yours for $85. Genuine Magpul MOE midlength handguard. Never used, still new in box. $20 CHECK BACK FOR MORE TO COME
  2. BUMP acog and vtrigger sold. Also for those who pmed me yesterday and did not get a reply, I accidentally deleted the entire page of messages while attempting to clear my inbox. So please pm me again if necessary. thanks.
  3. A little bit of spring cleaning for my airsoft closet. 1. paypal only. 2. shipping not included unless specified 3. pm me for offers and info 4. No trades at this time 5. open to offers but please be reasonable Custom TM VSR10 - $350 obo. open to reasonable offers has the following upgrades: laylax zero trigger laylax orange high pressure neo piston laylax 554mm 6.03ID precision barrel laylax damper cylinder head g-spec bolt handle pdi spring guide pdi 300%spring nineball bucking pdi bull barrel base pdi L flute outer barrel comes with: 5x mags. only 2 pictured at the time photo was taken scope rail KA harris bipod NOTE: scope and rings not included as they have been sold. Replica 4x32 Acog from t-tiger with full trades + killflash - SOLD genuine Magpul PTS MOE handguards midlength version in black. brand new unused. -$25 obo PDI v-trigger. looks relatively unused but missing a spring guide. these are 200smth new, - SOLD super shooter ball bearing spring guide. like new -$5 modify sp100+ spring -$5 g&p crane stock. comes with stock and numbered buffer tube -$35 kwa m4 outer barrel -$10 genuine blackhawk serpa holster with belt, paddle and strike mount for 1911 RH black -$30 TM vsr10 precision chamber with 6.04 tightbore set. better tolerances than stock units for better accuracy. brand new from EHA. -$45 Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU gbb pistol with 1x mag. works great and no leaks. -$110 gun is stock except for a nineball piston uograde. comes with desert warrior grips.
  4. Bar 10 package back to original pricing. plenty offers but no one paid up. Offer up people. help me clear out this stuff. BUMP
  5. TODAY"S SPECIAL- from this time until the next bump I make, the BAR10 package will go for 130 SHIPPED to your door. TAG rig added.
  6. I believe its regular. definitely not 150%, anycase its now sold. bump
  7. Hi peeps, here's a couple of things I'm looking to sell off seeing as to how I barely airsoft once in even two months anymore. I keep my airsoft items in great shape, even when I used to play more. just because you're not a chairsofter doesn't mean you have to abuse stuff. Anyways on to the sale. 1. Paypal Only. no MOs or anything like that 2. Not looking for trades at this time 3. prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated 4. PM for info or offers 5. Check last post for SPECIALS and updates JG bar10. Has Laylax purple NEO piston and sears. King Arms bucking. laylax damper sorbo pads installed on cylinder head. Aside from that, pretty much bone stock. teflon tape mod done. Has an awesome paint job. Some peeps are not a fan of paint jobs, but trust me, this one is something else. Looks great, but more importantly lowers your visibility as a sniper. good looks, increased effectiveness... affordable price. comes with: replica m3 3.5-10.5x scope. excellent clarity 3x bar10 mag scope covers KA harris bipod price- $150 + shipping PDI extended recoil spring guide + bushing + spring set for TM1911/meu brand new never used. was 49 new not including shipping from hk. $35 replica C-more reflex RDS with adjustable brightness - SOLD CA m4 mbk + m4 front end - comes with selector, mag catch, bolt stop, charging handle, body pins, Magpul aluminum trigger guard, etc. Body small parts not pictured here but WILL BE included. $45+ shipping for the mbk $30+ shipping for front end or $70 shipped for both. bar10 cylinder with cylinder head and spring guide and stock spring. also has gspec bolt handle -$15 PDI v trigger. missing the pdi guide stopper but has a stock tm one installed. -$60 Genuine TAG gladiator chest rig with built in hydration carrier. CB color scheme. Loaded it up intending to go to a game but never had the time to. in excellent condition.Selling JUST the rig. extra pouches, mags, accessories not included. the integrated mag pouches are made to much better specs than most ACM I've come across, which are either too tight or too loose. Also conventional chest rigs don't have much back support and lacks means of hydration. this pretty much solves it. A great high speed low drag setup that I wouldn't hesitate to keep if I were able to airsoft more. was 165 new not including shipping. askling -$85 here's where I got it from. http://www.tacticalassaultgearstore.com/gl...orchestrig.aspx
  8. added CA sa58 project package and genuine Magpul MBUS set. items sold updated
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