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  1. Want to get the following: -EOTech 553 Replica (highly prefer one in tan, but not going to say no to a black one) -M3X Light (Prefer it to be the one that can connect to a pressure switch / dual pressure switch, and in tan) -Dual Pressure Switch (One that attaches to a PEQ box and a M3X light, and in tan) PM me with what you want for it. US only. Thank you in advanced.
  2. I've PM'd you multiple times to about the P226 E2 + 6004, but still no response.
  3. I can attest to the F2K and the G&P M4 being great AEG's. F2K and the G&P shot very far for the FPS they were shooting at.
  4. Want to buy or trade for the following: -Madbull or VFC Daniel Defense Mk 18 RIS II 9.5" (NOT the 9" DD lite rail), do not care if it's in black or FDE as I'm going to be painting it anyway -G&P, Madbull, or any other compatible 10.3" outer barrel for a G&P receiver I am willing to trade the following: -G&P Daniel Defense "Mk18" RIS II 13.5", in good condition. No scratches at all since the entire thing was covered in Magpul XTM panels. Screws are a tad rusted -G&P 14.5" Barrel. Has realistic "5.56 NATO" markings and all. Again, no scratches at all. Only worn parts are the threads, for obvious reasons. -Siegtek Concepts DSG gear, no wear at all and barely used at all -SHS Tappet Plate, already shaved to work with a DSG -SHS M190 spring, barely used at all -Magpul PTS MOE grip. Again, barely used at all. Only things done to it was enlarging of the holes for motor wires and shaving down the top of the grip to correct motor alignment for a G&P receiver If you want to trade, the trader has to be an authorized seller on ASF. I highly prefer to have a trade. If anyone wants to switch their Mk 18 to a M4A1 Block II, now is the perfect chance. Win-win situation for both of us.
  5. Check your shimming again. Shim via the pinion to bevel method. Also, in order for a Lonex A2 to even get close to it's average RPM, you need a huge battery to power it. IIRC, Lonex A2's can draw 40 amps. It's always better to put a freakishly gigantic battery in an AEG so the motor doesn't attempt to draw more power than the battery can deliver. On my 14:09:1 RiotSC + Lonex A2 build, I'm running a 45C 2650 MAh battery (~120 amps) and getting 35 RPS. Shimmed perfectly, all I hear is the motor turning up and the piston hitting the sorbo. From what I can tell, my AEG sounds louder than a stock AEG, but it's running smoothly with no wear at all after 100k rounds. Your battery is putting out only 30 amps.
  6. Beta project's is made out of crappy plastic, jams sometimes in some AEG's, and sometimes if you try to force just one extra BB the follower will get eaten into the spring and you have to open up the entire thing. I run 10 Magpul PTS P-Mags, but then again I bought ALL OF THEM at once on ehobby asia for like 18 a piece. So 180 dollars. Compared to US prices, it would have came out to almost double, that's why I don't buy any of my crap from US retailers unless they're local.
  7. Cheap. $100 price range. I'm not looking for pantac or eagle industries plate carriers nor HSGI battle belts.
  8. I'm currently looking for tan gear. A plate carrier that has M4 pouches and a hydration pouch, battle belt, and tan gloves with knuckle protection.
  9. You know, the best way to get high ROF from what I've seen and done tech work on some of my friend's AEG's is just to install a Lonex A2 and then install a MOSFET with the ability to program the motor to run at 100% speed on semi, but have the motor run at 100% on full auto for only a fraction of the second then break off to like 60% motor speed to still get the ROF down to stock levels (23-25 RPS). I don't see why you wouldn't want high ROF though, from what I've experienced high ROF = less BB's consumed. For instance: -Guy at 150 ft. -Shoot 20 RPS -BB deviation makes BB's fly everywhere, no hit -Guy runs off and you have now wasted X amount of BB's depending on trigger pull -Guy at 150 ft. -Light him up with a gun shooting 30+ RPS with a fraction of a second trigger pull -BB deviation takes place, but one BB hits him -Effectively taking him out, no BB's potentially wasted
  10. Hmmm... My Lonex A2 definitely heats up when I shoot it, be it from just semi auto. Running RiotSC 14:09 ratio gears too. It runs warm, but no where near as hot as the SHS high torque.
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