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  1. I'm selling a KWA Glock 19. It has no problems at all, and has never had any. I'm selling this simply because I don't have use for it anymore. The tip is scratched due to me trying to get it off, but the slide isnt scratched It includes: The gun itself 1x mag lubrication ~1600 .20g bb's original box hop up adjuster speed feed hogue glock grip PRICE IS $85 SHIPPED OBO NO TRADES Payment is expected within 24 hours Item will be shipped within 48 hours of received payment via 2-3 day USPS priority mail. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks
  2. I got a KWA Glock 19 as my first gun and I love it. You should try KWA's glocks, I also only use it for messing around. edit: I saw you want a big gun. Maybe a Glock 34?
  3. I buy mine from my local shop
  4. Did you also get a free hat? I got one when I got mine a few days ago. And everything Junior said is correct. Also if you turn the hop up right, it goes up. Left, it goes down
  5. When are these going to be released?
  6. 6mm 0.20's I have no clue how they got like that.
  7. They were side by side, I heated up a small screwdriver and got it out already.
  8. I've had my avatar since the time I made my account, and today my avvy wasn't there. So I tried uploading the same exact avvy and it didn't work.
  9. Ok I got it now, I think, I wasn't sure if it was moving or the hop up tool slipping. Once again, thanks guys In the mag I have 2 bb's that are side by side and are jammed in the mag, does anyone have any idea of how to get them out?
  10. It didn't come with a manual explaining how to adjust it, but I called Airsoft GI (where I got it from) and they said just turn it while its in the gun. Well what do I turn? Here are pics: What is supposed to turn? edit: I realize I'm a terrible photographer lol
  11. Make sure you're pushing it all the way into the mag, and that you aren't filling it with the can tilted to the side or anything. And do you have the mag upside down when you fill it?
  12. So I think I'm going with the TM after that said . And all the problems with the WE
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