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  1. Looking for an ICS m4, pm me what you have.
  2. Looking to trade for mp5 mags, maybe buy. I have m4 mag to trade and various internals. Also have brand new mags to trade.
  3. I have a brand new in the box King Arms Full metal Kalashnikov SVD Dragunov Sniper rifle I sent you a pm.
  4. Super lube 92003, You can find this stuff online around $8 a bottle. Its pure silicone with teflon, its 100% silicone works great. I also use it on the gears.
  5. When will you get the normal v2 neopads in stock?
  6. ACE X-2

    Airsoft alpha bbs?

    I have to say if the quality is there this is the best deal on bbs ever.I have contacted someone to see if they can supply these bbs.
  7. I can speak to the quality of the airsplat bbs. There better than matrix In my opinion. There really polished and high quality, pretty sure there AE rebranded. My field sells the AS 5K bbs for $5 on Thursdays.
  8. ACE X-2

    Loading Bb's

    The best solution is to used a saw ammo can and just dump all your bbs in there. Or you can just use a regular ammo can. But the saw one is bigger. Plus there both easy to carry and cheap.
  9. That makes no sense. If it was a proper field they would just chrono with there Mag's filled with. 20s. Sounds like there just ripping people off.
  10. Alright guys, Airsplat is selling KSC glocks but they cover the trades with tape. Also KSC no longer makes glocks with real trades, they now say MILSPEC.
  11. Im curious, did you order the gun yet? If not check out http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/produc...catid=&cat= It would cost $145 with shipping included to the US.
  12. Well if you noticed they no longer have real trades. It now says Milspec, also that G looks nothing like the glock trade mark. Also Airsplat carries the KSC g17 for $160. Doing the calculations its actually cheaper from airsplat than ehobby asia.
  13. Good thing you put this version in made in taiwan. I know they have versions that are made in Japan.
  14. I have this G&P m4 and this gun bag. Gun bag plus 3 high caps, and battery, also with a Tokyo mauri reducer. for $220
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