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  1. Got my frist gun when I was 13 from shorty usa it was an MP5.
  2. alright thks and I really don't know if it was on even steavens lol
  3. I live on catilina island, california and I was wondering does anybody know of any good airsoft tourney's are over on the mainland? thanks for your help
  4. yea.... just take the battery out after your done useing it.
  5. Thanks you guys and I do like sniping alot I know what a sniper is you sit there giving info to your teammates and you don't really shoot at all the gun is for if you need to shoot someone a sniper's whole objective is to not be seen but thanks for all your guys info.
  6. Ok I just joined so sry if I sound newbish but would a VSR-10 tokyo mauri sniper rifle any good?
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