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  1. ill try, was hoping it was a quick fix cause I have a game tommrow
  2. airsoft elite precision .25g, and its a calssic army stock hop up
  3. ok so when im firing my gun it seems to curve left and right every couple of shots, ive cleaned the barrel, taken off the hop-up and made sure it was in right spot, what could be wrong? need help fast!
  4. either would be good, and yea I belong to evergreen and go to most games but was looking for a team
  5. ok im curently 15 and im looking for a team in or around the snohomish area. im great at following orders and am very experienced for my age, I am currently using a G&G gr16 upgraded to ~ 380 fps. im hoping to find a team to have a fun time with whiel gaining experience in airsoft mil-sim
  6. hey, im thinking of making a ghillie gun rag for my m4, got any suggestions on how to make it?
  7. fixed!!!! a combination of seeling wires on battery and a modded car fuse and it works like a dream. thanks for the help guys ran it through a number of games on sunday and its awesome
  8. lol you've used gbb and green gas and never knew its just propane with silicone in it for luberication?
  9. maybe I didn't mention this but when I let the wires sit and cool down I can use my gun for a short time(shooting it) before they get hot again which is when the fuse would blow, and the reason I think it might be battery is because when I bypass the fuse it works but I think those wires are heating up too
  10. hhmm... well I was talking to some guys(electrical contractors) and they said it could be that battery since its cause resistance and heating up the wires could this lead to electrical resistance in which wires are heating up along with fuse to produce the energy that is needed?
  11. ok so I just upgraded my gun with a pdi 140 and a cylinder,cylinder head, piston, piston head, and nozzle and I had a small skirmish that day, but today I went to do soem target practice and I got about 30 rounds through then gun when it stopped firing, but when I pulled the trigger I could feel the motor try to spin. so I took the rod and tried to un-clog it but nothing was clogged. I then opened up the hand guards(this is an m4 by the way(G&G) and felt that the wire that has the fuse on it that connects to bettery to gun(pic. below) was really warm. what might the problem be? thanks
  12. uh... that carry handle mount your red dot is on is backwards
  13. with $1000 ide fully upgrade my m15 carbine, buy a m203 grenade launcher, laser, scope, and some extra mags then buy a p90 and upgrade it so it had a crazy rof. then go for a sniper.
  14. if know one has aimpiont carry handle ring im also looking for aimpoint low profile ring and a carry handle mount
  15. this movie has been posted before?
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