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  1. So is this about the videos or the problem? You're not getting correct piston mesh with your sector gear. You need to recheck overall gearbox fitment with the shims and gears in place, and use your finger or a screwdriver to spin the sector gear from the open end. the gears need to spin freely. if not, you've got a shimming problem. Do this with all of the screws on as well, it's a much better check. Then with the top half of the split top gearbox off, take the spring out and lay the gearbox up against the bottom half. Check piston mesh WITH the sector gear. Make sure that it's lining up correctly and not off to where its causing the piston to bind with the gearbox or sector gear. I'd give you measurements to go off but its been a while since ive worked on a split. Check these out and go from there. The piston may also be binding up on the rails of the gearbox as well, or not meshing correctly with sector gear because of the teeth lapse. (different style of teeth can cause this, similar to using helical gears with a regular piston.)
  2. Notchet, looks like a its probably going to be a v3 just from design. bullpup like AUG
  3. You need to check into a mosfet system. This will get you much better trigger response and save your trigger contacts, and battery from wear.
  4. you need to ensure that the gears are meshing properly, before you check piston engagement. if the gears are in fact meshing correctly, (spur with sector, sector with bevel and then down to pinion) you will be okay. See if there's a way you can disassemble the top half of your split gearbox (take spring and piston out) and then set gearboxes together with just the piston in top half and see how well the piston and sector align. What required a reshim in the first place anyhow? ICS's split gearboxes are factory set for optimal clearances and really should not be toyed with unless absolutely needed.
  5. Contacts are binding/sticking somewhere, you need to be sure that they're on the gearbox rails as they should. Check your selector plate and tappet as well to be sure they're all lined up correctly. Its more than likely a contact sticking/coming off the rail because its worn down though.
  6. Great seller from what I know about him, not sure about his products but a decent guy.
  7. Great gun, great price. I'd buy it if I weren't into GBBR only! Free bump for a good man!
  8. Ling Ling; did I forget to mention that you were adopted?
  9. Ling Ling; did I forget to mention that you were adopted?
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