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  1. I made these images circa 2001 using photoshop, really haven't done much since. I lost all of my photoshop stuff a while back when my hard drive crashed. These are the only pics I have left. I lost interest soon after I did these.
  2. Yeah, when I had my 9mm conversion I went through a couple of those. They are real weak.
  3. locaps 50 rounds, high caps 190.
  4. Be careful with your mag changes and going prone, those magwells aren't too sturdy.
  5. My desk is my recliner and my lap. I'm not really a desk kinda guy.
  6. I know this thread has been dead for months, but I had some pics that turned out pretty good the other day. I can't wait to take my new DSLR out to shoot some airsoft action.
  7. not a fan of old mopars? the dodge challengers of the early 70s pulled it off pretty well too. nice car, living beside the cross sound fairy I see bentleys, rolls royces, ferraris and other exotics daily.
  8. the stillers (as they say in pittsburgh) wvu the pirates (someday they will return to their late 80s to mid 90s form)
  9. On my list of 5 worst movies I have ever seen. Terrible movie.
  10. Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod.
  11. Will trade the TM m3 for a galaxy mp5k or a gbb.
  12. I chronoed the fps on the type 56 at 485 with hop-up off. Sale is pending right now on it. The m3 has some compression problems, It is making a hollow popping noise when shot and it is only shooting about 40 ft. I haven't taken it apart yet, as I have taken apart TM shotguns before and it is quite a process. It sounds like the noise when the air cylinder cracks in a springer.
  13. my current ride since my Focus is out of commission.
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