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  1. Laylax Zero + SS5000 spring of PDI, ....break of the set pin. They could break, but not like it was on regular conditions.
  2. That's what you think =) I'm sorry cant support your opinion, from personal experience with 3 tanaka guns with Palmer rig installed =)
  3. KJ or Tanaka upgraded, or a Star/Ares one,.....and a external iar regulator. Those make you stay on the 400cap or whatever you want below or above with a simple allen key tool.
  4. No G&G, but the Best gun is still in some retailers, I have it from a Taiwan shop, I cant remember the name. PS: I know, necro post, but maybe someone is looking for one =)
  5. About the Spartan VSR kit. 2Roy was the real producer of the kit, no King Arms, and 2Roy are the same guys than Pax Armamentia (Korean based). Spartan is the new Pax Armamentia guys brand. Ergo....2Roy and Spartan are the same kit. My 2 cents.
  6. Long story short, you need to fill the volume of air of the barrel with the volume of air from the cylinder. If you have less volumen in the cyl than the barrel, then, you will have problems. And not all the air from the cyl go to the barrel, so keep in mind that have the Cyl. Volume close to that of the barrel is a risky bet.
  7. I find the PDI Bore up VC Cyl set, plus Outer barrel PDI Long (554mm inner barrel) plus EdGI 6,00, the greatest build in spring rifles. And I have a Maruzen Type 96....and envy that kind of VSR every day, they shoot the same but are easier to adjust.
  8. Looks like a cheaper option to the Firefly one, and close to the inner KM55º and KM45º VSR buckings desing. The aditional O-rings integrated could provide better seal and increase shot to shot performance, but I personally see more interesting the two contact point with the bb's instead the classic one or the SCS plus regular bucking. IDK if the SCS will work fine with a dual contact inner desing bucking, but even with the standar nub we will have a 2 point contact hop up (best centered bb, with shot to shot equal spin performance). My 2 cents.
  9. Did you try with other mags? It sound like impact plates worn out.
  10. Laylax one is totally overpriced, the handdle boss seems to be worse than the PDI. The VC works for 550fps/0,2 or less, more than that you risk to break the piston. The VC system helps to avoid the negative preassure in the beguining of the shooting phase. Th HD is a regular piston. The palsonite cyl is IMO better than the Laylax one. If I were you I will buy the palsonite VC set, and get the gun below 540-530 fps. More than enough to have a good range with good accuracy (look for a good barrel and a PDI Hop and madbull rubber, for example). Hope it helps.
  11. Yes, the internals like piston or guide or spring, are te same. Buy Trigger, spacers, hop up, muzzle caps or barrels are different. Keep in mind that in Xfire shop (PDI shop) there are some common parts, but there are 2 different categories with indicidual not compatible upgrades (like the ones I wrote before).
  12. ¿¿¿Since when does PDI make Tanaka parts??? Tanaka K98 use a Tanaka Hop up with a Tanaka cut, same cut as M700 series. Probably you could adapt a M700 regular Hop up to the K98 (they are diferent), or also try the KJ M700 Hop up chamber there. I have 2 M700 series and one K98, and belive me, you can't put a PDI Hop up chamber there. BTW there are Tanaka Hops still for sale, they are difficult, but try taiwan shops, I bought one Best Gun Mount for Kar 98 this summer, when they have 3 years at least out of stock everywhere.
  13. Why the M24 not? just curious. There are 2 versions of the M24, one without iron sights and with a fluted barrel =P Rex, there are a M700 AICS and a L96 of tanaka, both have an AICS "stock", buy one is a M700 and the other in an AI. Both exist. But I'm going to say what you want, not trying to convince anyone to go into another brand, Ares have a good potencial and is a good gun, no matter what people said. You just have to search a bit about it. Is a pity you can't enter in arnies =P Get an EdGI 6.00 bullbarrel (this means 10mm OD and 6.00 ID), AEG cut (not PSG cut). And get also a SCS nub. And don't forget to buy a good hop up bucking. Just like I told you in another post. =) If you don't want to mod with DIY mods, then also get as many Hi Flow Valves for the .338 as Mags you will buy. 1 High flow for each mag. With that you will be in the 500-550fps range (or you should) with Green Gas (propane) and around 15-25Cº (you know how it works, the hotter weather you have, the more fps you will see in the gun). If not (whatever the reason is, and after looking for a posible problem like air leak or something), just ask, there is an easy mod, all you need is a different screw or something to cut a bit of the old one =) I'm more into the DSR1 mods (these are the ones I have to upgrade for friends), and with a 590mm 6.00 barrel, SCS and bucking along with the DIY mod, the shoot 520 fps in a 15Cº day and can call hits as fas as 78m in a human torso with Madbull 0.36 (whatever the people said, I'm happy with that bb, bioval 0.27 are not heavier enough if you have something called wind, and 0.29 SGM are so so, and they are expensive.). Not bad at all If you like the Ares one, go for it, is a solid and valid gun.
  14. Why you have 2 pistons and why Ben is not trying to do a 90º config in the VSR base? In upgraded platform I see more convenient to run on a 90º base than a 45º, this is one of the things I hate about VSR/BAR. I know that reinforced sears and piston will last you a long time (or it may) but there's not the only reason to run on 90º
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