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  1. As far as accuracy is concerned, inner barrel diameter means nothing. The barrel that is the roundest, smoothest and straightest will be the most accurate.
  2. TM M14's are great AEGs. I have an upgraded TM M14, first as an assault rifle class AEG, now as a sniper rifle. It shoots great, amongst the most accurate on the field, any day. I did have to replace a lot of the internals to make it reliable. M14's look cool and are great to hold and shoot. The big problem with a premium grade M14 replica is that are big and heavy, even the SOCOM version. Guns with a rifle stock are not that easy to wield. I'm 5' 10" tall, I may be old, but I'm in good shape. Carrying and wielding an M14, on the field all day, is a job. I've moved on to an AK47, a G36KV and most recently, a G&G FS51 (G3 carbine). The pistol grips, smaller size and weight makes my newer replicas easier to carry and wield on the field. Tactically, there is no advantage to a bigger AEG. This is coming from an old fart who likes things easy. I don't like KWA AEGs or Armalite replicas, but I'd keep the KWA and tweak it rather than trade for the TM. You also don't know how that TM M14 has been handled, used or abused. If you really want an M14, save up some money to buy a used one. If you plan on getting a new M14 and upgrading it, consider a G&P M14. Good luck, Bob
  3. I have an upgraded TM M14 (530fps w/ .20g BB). Using good quality BBs, of the proper weight, I can hit a man sized target 9 hits out of 10 shots at 300 feet. That being said, I had to do a lot of work on it to make it reliable. If I had to do it all over again, I'd start with a G&P M14. Good luck.
  4. Barrel length has almost nothing to due with accuracy. Accuracy is due to many factors (another whole thread). Besides that, shorter guns are much easier to carry and wield on the field. My field AEGs are accurate (can hit a man sized target 9 hits out of 10 shots at 225'). I have 4x scopes on my AEGs. With all that, I almost never take an aimed shot. My AEGs have a decent rate of fire (about 21-22bps at 390fps w/ .25g BB). It is by far quicker to point and walk my BBs into my target. I play offense most of the time. You have to look around and be alert. If I see a target, by the time I shoulder my gun, find the target, aim, then shoot, I am shot out. Many of the engagements I've been in are bang, bang, often who shoots first, wins. Over the years, I've gotten really good at pointing, pulling the trigger, and getting pretty close to my target with my first shots. Playing defense is different. If you are in a concealed position and paying attention, you can generally see your opponents coming, and get your gun sighted in on them. BTW, more BBs is a good thing. :)
  5. I've violated minimum engagement rules, and I've had it done to me, it happens. The field I was playing on, for assault rifles (full auto) was 400fps w/ .25 BB. If you light up someone at close range and you can really hurt the player. When it's done to me, I always tell a ref. This way it's on record and if the guy is a repeat offender, he needs to sit out a game or even be banned, it's a safety issue. There is no justification for physical contact or what he did to you. The person should be banned from the field.
  6. Wrong. TM hop up units are far superior to CYMA, and most other manufacturers, for that matter. As for stock AEG ranges, most premium manufacturers will be similar. Ranged accuracy is another matter.
  7. I point, and walk my BBs in to my target. Very fast and effective.
  8. I use TM hi cap mags. I carry enough mags to give me about 2,000 rounds of capacity. AK47 - 3 x 600 round mags G36KV - 4 x 470 round mags FS51 - 4 x 500 round mags M14 - 4 x 440 round mags I also carry a 5000 round bag of BBs.
  9. TM v7. Leave it stock, it will last forever. I have an upgraded TM M14 (Madbull M150 spring) and the stock TM gearbox is holding up fine.
  10. Hi freeky, welcome. My son and I have been airsofting, on and off, since '06, great activity. C U around!
  11. I'm 52 now, I started when I was 47. My son is 20 now, he started when he was 15.
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