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  1. there is a sweet custom soc16 on uncompany just search "UN Special-Marui M14 Socom Package "
  2. if you are looking for a lightweight one you may also consider the STAR m249, they weigh like half as much as other m249s
  3. yeah there is just go search eglm at unco its expensive though
  4. that is off topic but yes star has a standalone eglm but I think its only available at uncompany.com right now. just search eglm at unco and it should be there, kinda expensive though, I think vfc is working on one anyways.
  5. yeah just so you know all gp 870 parts were made for the ca870
  6. dude chill, do you think im stupid? just trying to get him to list the scope. nice choice of scope btw rws, I think you should get one with the illuminated reticle and lense covers also.
  7. he is stating how happy and obvious your previous post was your welcome
  8. it will look happy because there is no scope
  9. was the g&p urx installation tool necessary for installing the front kit to the receiver? thanks
  10. just so you know its airsoftadvantage.com not airsoftadvanced
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