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  1. I might make something, but something I see admin forgot to include is that all submissions should be at 300 dpi (printing quality)
  2. hdaly


    planetrenders.com/forums have a lot of tutorials for sigs in the "novice" area Once you get the basics the best thing to do is to simply mess around and experiment.
  3. They are C4D, (3D program) + Photoshop No brushes :P
  4. I almost allways use renders, though I use a lot of effect and lighting stocks. As well as make my own abstract C4D renders. Also Planetrenders is not the only render site, there is also Gamerenders.com :\ The list of gfx is so long I won't go through them all, but I go to Planeterenders, Enjoiiart, sd-styles, pixel-ring, and NationalSigLeague.
  5. This is not an art forum so genereal atmopshere of using some filter or program generated "vector" is quite different. When you do things bye hand you learn and become better at it so you can make things from scratch and do effects that cannot be done by pressing a button. You can illustrate in different styles and use your creativity to do what you want.
  6. I can't see how taking the easy route is rewarding to yourself. Pushing a button and calling your self and artist doestn't seem right. The line that determines what art is is very blurry and I understand that, but I think level of difficulty does play a role in a certain piece. It shows your skill as an artist. Why study when you can cheat and save time. Also I never said, REAL ARTIST. Also vectoring is the process of illustration using the pen tool, which makes bezier curves.
  7. That is a pretty good vector, do you use illustrator or photoshop? Any self respecting artist would stay away from filters and live trace as you know D:
  8. Ok then. Though I would still say that getting a Dboys AK would be a better purchase. Though still I need to know if you are talking about the CPM (small AK) or the rebranded JG (big one)
  9. I would imagine that they would be quite heavy with all that metal on it. Unless you are thinking of the 'CPM' which is a CYMA AKS74U. That is a fine gun though I would recommend you getting the Dboys if that the gun you had your eye on. The Dboys Kalash is just a finer rifle.
  10. That's an Airsoft Surgeon Stage 6 spring, it will cost a lot to get it running reliably.
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