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  1. I have ordered from them a few times with no problems. I will probably be ordering a P90 from them soon too. Shipping is pretty quick too.
  2. The G&G EBB Combat Machines shoot around 400 fps. Mine came shooting around 410 fps and settled to just under 400 fps after a year. They take maybe an extra 30 seconds to disassemble due to the blowback mechanism. If you get sick of the blowback all you need to do is get a new cyllinder for it. The regular non blowback G&G Combat Machines shoot around 350 or less. I had a JG P90 and loved it. It is extremly easy to take apart and upgrade too. I used to have a JG G36c and loved it. I wish I never sold it. Most cheaper aegs come shooting over 350 fps these days, so you may have to end up swapping out the spring. Do more research and decide what kind of gun style you want. They all have there positives and negatives. I would not not get a KWA CQR. I loved mine but the rear of the receiver cracked where the body pin is. Apparently that is very common with them from what I have read.
  3. I may have the handguard from my old BE SL8 packed away somewhere. I will take a look for it this weekend.
  4. Maybe your motor is crapping out on you, or maybe adjust your motor height to see if that solves your problem.
  5. I would go with a JG G36c over a Classic Army one. Make sure to read a bunch of reviews before making up your mind. I have owned a couple G36's in the past (TM and JG). I'm actually planning on getting another JG one again soon. I had no compatibility problems when upgrading my old JG G36c. I know that JG came out with more durable bodies on their G36's a while ago too. I heard they are amazing now, not that the first gens of them were bad or anything.
  6. The Galaxy MP5k motor is horrible. Check out the buy/sell area on these forums and see if anyone is selling a decent long type motor. It may save you some cash. I have owned two Galaxy MP5k's and have replaced the motor on both of them right away because they are so poor.
  7. I loved mine and thought the accuracy and range was pretty dang good for an aeg with such a short barrel and shooting around 320 fps. I replaced the motor on mine because it was crap and then modified the charging handle to fit a 9.6 stick battery in it.
  8. I just ordered a WE G18C Gen4 from them and it took 10 days to get to me. That included shipping it over the Thanksgiving holiday. Evike takes that long sometimes to get a package to me, which is kinda sad.
  9. I bought a KWA CQR mod2 two months ago. It had a feeding problem, where the bbs would only shoot about ten feet in semi auto, with occasionally shooting fine. I went on the KWA website and created a post explaining my problem. The moderators were very helpful, but we were unable to locate the cause of the problem. I was able to return it and received a replacement one which came a little over a week later. This one shoots just fine with no feeding issues at all. There is a ton of info that can be found in the KWA website to help you out with your aeg. That is something that you don't see with most other aeg manufacturers. The only problem with the new one is that it is chronoing at 383-385 fps instead of under 350 fps as advertised. I planned on increasing the fps anyways, so that wasn't a huge deal to me but it may be to someone who bought it to use for cqb only. Out of 5 shots the chrono was either 383 or 385, so the airseal is damn good in my opinion. There was no huge variation in fps. It performed great in the one large game that I used it in also. The only mod thus far that I have had done is r-hop. I would love to see KWA release their aegs in the future with the aoe already corrected, and use a polycarb piston head instead of the aluminum one they are currently using. Also. I love the new KWA mag and think it feeds great. I could care less that it says KWA down the side of it. It's well worth $10 for one of them.
  10. I had a Combat Machine and the polymer receiver was solid. Much better feeling than some of the clone full metal aegs that I have owned. I jrecently bought a KWA CQR MOD2 for $190 off Evike. I gotta say that I am extremely impressed with it as well. You can't go wrong with either of these.
  11. I was getting torso sized shots at 210 ft. They were going a bit beyond that but I am gonna sight my aeg in for that range. That's almost double what it was shooting stock. It is still shooting 330 fps with a little 273 mm barrel too.
  12. skag187 just installed the rhop on my KWA CQR and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was getting crappy range with my CQR (around 110ft effective range). Now I'm getting well over 200ft effective range. I would go with the rhop over a new barrel any day.
  13. I'm just wondering what people's aegs are shooting and what they are getting for distance with thr r-hop mod. Mine is: KWA CQR MOD2 shooting 330 fps and a range of approximately 200 ft. Original range was only around 110 ft. EDIT: 200 ft. is all the longer my yard is. The bbs are traveling beyond that but I don't know how much further they would go due to the cornfield that surrounds my house. I will try to measure the full range on the road this weekend yet and will update my post. Also note I live on a dead end road in the middle of nowhere so I'm not worried about anyone seeing me with my aeg and freaking out about it. Never carry it out of its case in residential areas! I saw an idiot walking through a bank parking lot with his M4 a few months ago and yelled at the moron and told him to get it in a case. I can't believe the stupidity of some people.
  14. Icharis, I think you mean the cylinder is ported. That is what keeps the fps so low in the CQR. I got mine two weeks ago and really like it. I also owned a Combat Machine for a few years. It was great til I started having electrical problems. It was a solid aeg and the polymer body was extremely durable. I suggest going with a G&G Combat Machine. There are plenty of different options for them too.
  15. What version Combat Machine do you have? I had this one: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=33236 and had no problem popping the two bottom pins off the sight and removing it. I was looking at getting another CM, but maybe I will go with something else if the front sight doesnt come off some of the Combat Machines.
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