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  1. Apparently I have a ton of pistols I don't use; they're lovely and all, but to use them on the field I'd have to buy +$100 holsters for them each. So, I'd rather just sell them and recoup funds for an Inokatsu Mk43.

    Note - I will NOT split any of the packages, especially not the KWA Mk23 package. Do not ask, you WILL be ignored.

    Let's get on with the sale!

    WE SAI XDM. Highly upgraded, never fielded once. Mostly used for target plinking/random shooting. Blowback is very crisp and no problems are present. Upgrades include:

    * Airsoft Surgeon XD-40 SAI Slide + Outer Barrel

    * Airsoft Surgeon Fiber Optic Front + Rear Sight

    * PDI 6.01mm TBB

    * SAPH 150% Sear Return Spring

    * SAPH 150% Recoil Spring (includes a spare one too, BNIB)

    * SAPH 150% Hammer Spring

    * SAI-pattern Lower Frame Stippling

    Because the AS slide kit was meant for the TM XDM, there are slight fitment issues, which has resulted in scratches on the open ejection port as well as below on the underside of the slide (not normally visible). However the action is very smooth. Comes with 3 mags as well as an almost entirely complete spare lower with more intact XDM trades. Asking $450.

    KSC Mk23 NS1. Works, plastic slide, cannot be converted to NS2, but it's a GBB Mk23, who wouldn't want it? Asking $100.

    HK3P Gen4 G18C - OEM of the WE G18C, but imported from Hong Kong with full Glock 4th gen trademarks. Upgrades include:

    * SD 150% Recoil Spring

    * SAPH 150% Sear Return Spring

    * SAPH 150% Hammer Spring

    The gun does have a small issue in that it fires full auto occasionally in semi. This is not a gun-breaking issue - part #81 needs to be replaced, which is $5 on Evike. I can either sell the gun as-is, or you can wait for me to buy the new part and fix it. Comes with one mag. Asking $130.

    KWA/Umarex Mk23, new version. This is an extremely rare kit, mainly due to how long it's taken me to acquire the entire SOCOM set. Upgrades/kit includes:

    * A-Plus 6.03mm TBB for Mk23

    * Lees Precision Engineering +16mm Thread Protector (not seen but included)

    * Wolf Industries M97 LAM w/ Solarforce C5 CREE LED Bulb (300 Lumens)

    * KSC +16mm SOCOM Suppressor

    Comes with 3 mags, remember both the suppressor and LAM are extremely rare. Asking $550.

    No trades please, PM me for inquiries. Thanks for looking!

  2. Need more monies, more stuff for sale. Prices do not include shipping.



    Rare KSC Mk23 GBB, 100% functional. All trades are intact, none of that Umarex white text ######. THIS IS AN NS1 SYSTEM - IT IS NOT NS2/SYSTEM7 COMPATIBLE! Comes with one mag, asking $100.



    Rare KSC Mk23 Proto 2005 Hardkick Model. This gun includes an EXTREMELY RARE Zeke Mk23 Slide + OB kit, as well as a big number of KM 1950 Head upgrades (Part 66, hammer bar, 70% and 130% hammer springs). Unfortunately this gun does not work - the hammer very lightly strikes, and something is messed up with the safety/decocker function. Comes with two mags with KM hi-flow valves (also rare). Asking $250.


    * RS Magpul STR MilSpec Stock - $55

    * 2x Super Shooter 300:100 V2/3 Gearsets - $20 each

    * KWA M4 Speedloader Gen2 w/ brass feed lip - $15

    * TSC Gear Sector Handstop + VFG - $15 for both

    * RS Magpul Remington 870 Forend - $25

    * Maple Leaf/AST Evo Hopup + TBB for KWA USP Tactical - $25

    * Strike Industries Sling Catch - $10


    * Flyye Industries Weesatch/WSH Vest in CB - $60

    * Tactical Tailor Fight Light M4 Triple Panel in MC - $15

    * 2x HSGI Taco Pistol Pouches in Khaki - $20 each

    * Outdoor Research Ironsight Gloves (L) - $30



    Tactical Tailor Lightweight Assault Pack in Black. This was used as an EDC/School backpack for about a year, until I decided it was too small. More info here (http://www.greyghostgear.com/product-p/6002.htm), I'll throw in the MSM Small Patch Panel (seen on the front) and the IWC zipper pulls - if you're interested I have some other black MOLLE gear I can include as well (namely bottle holders). Asking $85.


    * VFC Plum (yes, plum) AK Midcap - $10

    * G&P "Frog" M4 Hicap - $10

    * CA M4 Hicap - $10

    * MAG Plastic M4 Midcap - $5

    * Unknown AK Drum mag (button activated) - $40

    Please PM me for inquiries, Paypal accepted only. Low balls will be ignored. You can entertain me with trades, but I need cash the most. Right now I need old AR15 style parts and some G&P M4 receiver parts.

    Thanks for looking!

  3. Time to clear stuff I don't use. Prices don't include shipping, PM me for inquiries. This time around I'm not putting in specific details - if you have questions regarding an item, you can PM me or post a reply.


    WE Glock 26 Advance, 3 15rnd mags, G17 mag adapter/extension - SOLD


    KSC Mk23 GBB w/ Safariland 6004 Dropleg Holster - $150


    TM Desert Eagle in Chrome, Hardkick, 1 extra black mag w/ broken feed lip - $165


    From Left/Top to Right/Bottom:

    Echo1 XCR Lower Polymer - $15

    RS Magpul MOE Foreend for Remington 870 - $20

    RS Magpul STR Stock - $65

    AABB Trijicon SRS with Killflash - SOLD

    KWA M4 Speedloader Gen2 w/ brass feed tip - $15

    Action Smith Suppressor 30mm x 200mm, no foam - SOLD

    Action Smith Suppressor 25mm x 120mm, foam - SOLD

    TSC GearScout Handstop - $10

    TSC GearScout Vertical Grip - $10

    Maple Leaf EVO Hopup + Barrel for KWA USP Tactical - $30

    Some pistol taclight that I couldn't give two asses about - $15

    5KU VTAC Lightweight Foregrip - SOLD

    Two (2x) Super Shooter 32:1 Gearsets for V2/3 - $20 each


    Outdoor Research Ironsight Gloves, Large - $30

    G&G Fake M18 Smoke Grenade BB Holder (2000ct) - SOLD

    ITW Skeletonized Bottle Holder - $20

    Strike Industries Tactical Sling Catch - $10

    Two (2x) HSGI Pistol Taco, Khaki - $22 each

    Tactical Tailor Small Flashlight Pouch, Multicam - SOLD

    That's it for now, can't be bothered to find more stuff around my room. Paypal accepted only, shipping will be via USPS. Thanks for looking!

  4. SIG sold.


    Adding a few more items:






    Maruzen/Umarex PPK/S + 5 NIB Mags (total 6 mags). I would love to put an SD kit on it, but money is tight and I can always get another copy in the future. Gun has never been skirmished with, just minor plinking. Safety lever is unfortunately broken (replacement pieces can be bought off UNCompany for $5), but the gun still works perfectly.


    Asking $175 shipped (VERY firm on this price).




    NIB Super Shooter 100:300 V2/3 Gearset. Never used, I got 3 sets when a store was closing down. $20 shipped.


    ASG/Maple Leaf EVO2 TBB + Hopup for KWA USP Tactical. Bought for my KWA Mk23, turned out too short (thanks for the :pain: info Evike). $30 shipped.

    One more addition for the day, since I magically managed to fix this thing.






    KSC Mk23 GBB. I believe this is the first version (it differs from my 2005 HardKick model), but it actually works, surprisingly. Comes with one mag and an installed KM 1950 Head 130% hammer spring (shoots about 260FPS with 0.25's). Comes also with a light rail adapter mount (IMO it's ugly, but I have no need for one). Asking $120 shipped, this is pretty firm.


    Thanks for looking!

  5. Have too much crap, must get rid of. Prices are negotiable, but don't lowball or I will treat you with equal disrespect. All prices do not include shipping.




    ICS SIG 551 AEG, one of the nicest gearboxes I've ever worked on. Properly shimmed + AoE adjusted, shoots around 350FPS on 0.25's. Comes with:



    Original box

    Some kind of PEQ box

    Crusader MB556 Flash Hider

    ICS Optic Rail

    8.4v 1100mah NiMH Battery

    1x 500rnd HiCap Magazine


    Asking $160.




    VFC Robinson Arms XCR-M (short version). Traded this heavily on impulse, was told the lower contains upgrades. I have not taken it apart to confirm, but I can only assume it is so (buyer can request a confirmation if he really wants). The paint is slightly scuffed/worn at locations of handling, which seems to have been done by the previous owner. Gun works fine, the hopup's a bit damaged but it will included a newly installed E1 XCR hopup unit. Note the flash hider nor the IndexClips are included, but the KAC PDW-style sights are. Includes:



    KAC PDW sights

    7.4v 1300mah Turnigy NanoTech Lipo

    1x 300rnd G&P Skull HiCap


    Asking $275.




    HK3P G17 FDE Gen3. Received this from a friend, but I honestly do not need 4 Glocks. Works perfectly out of the box, full trademarks (same OEM as WE, but without retarded WE-Tech trades) since it was bought from HK. Includes a GunsModify SAI Trigger, however it's stuck on it since the set screws can't be removed. The original trigger is included should you decide to attempt to swap it. Includes:



    2x magazines

    SAI trigger (installed)

    Stock trigger (in box)


    Asking $160.




    5KU VTAC UltraLight Foregrip, way too large for my builds. $15

    TSC Gear Sector Foregrip, way too small for my builds. $10

    TSC Gear Sector RIS Handstop. $10

    Action 15mm x 200mm ST "Simth" Suppressor. Went on my PX4, but the PX4 was traded a while back, no foam inside. $15




    Radioshack 45W Soldering Iron, lightly used. Includes original packaging + stand thingy. $5

    X-Charger B6 Multi-Charger + Power Supply. Perfect for balance charging lipos. I've used this for 3+ years, served me very well but I'm switching to a more powerful charger. I'll include more charging adapters once I find them, but two small issues - the backlight is not working, and the fan makes an obnoxious noise when it starts charging (it goes away after ~30s or so). Still balance charges lipos very well. Asking $40.


    More to come, please PM me for inquiries. Paypal accepted only. Thanks for looking!

  6. Need to slim down the gun collection. Can't see myself running this, nor buy more mags for it.














    I'm selling an ICS SIG 551 AEG, me being the 2nd owner (most likely). The first owner painted it with some stupid camo scheme, so it was removed on the metal parts (except the front sight assembly), while the stock was covered in a textured paint. The handguards were replaced with new ones (since the old ones had holes in them), but the old ones will be included as well.


    Internally this is possibly the smoothest gearbox I've ever worked on. Gears are shimmed to perfection, piston was adjusted for AoE and everything was greased up correctly. The gun fires IIRC at 330FPS on 0.25g's.


    There is a tiny issue; part of the faux bolt is missing, presumably broken off (was sold to me like this). A replacement part on Evike is $10-15.


    There's a ton of crap included.



    Original Box

    8.4v 1100mah NiMH Battery (came with the gun)

    Generic PEQ box, still painted (came with the gun)

    7.4v 1300mah 25C Turnigy Nanotech Lipo (wired to Deans)

    Crusader MB556K Flash Hider

    SHS SIG 552 Bolt (spare)

    ICS Low Profile RIS Scope Mount (installation requires removing the rear sight)

    400rnd Hicap Magazine

    Orignal painted/damaged handguards


    Yup, tons of stuff for one of the smoothest and well built starter guns out there.


    I'm asking $200 + shipping for everything, OBO. No trades this time, Paypal accepted only, please PM me for inquiries.


    Thanks for looking!

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