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  1. I think I know that. I've managed to get some to work, but all I need now is an AK47 body to fit everything else (especially my grip).
  2. I'm in desperate need for an AK47 body with an AK47 hopup assembly. I've had my CM031 for a long time now and I think it's time to upgrade. I prefer a plastic AK47 body, TM preferably, though any brand is fine (but NOT UTG). Metal bodies are OK but don't throw me a crazy prize...I'm thrifty :D I'd prefer an Element AK hopup assembly, but any brand is fine (TM, PGC, etc) but NOT CYMA...I already have one of those. I need these parts ASAP. Anyone who can get them please PM me, type a reply, or contact me via: email: aznmasterchiefPLEASE DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESSES IN YOUR MESSAGES - USE THE PM SYSTEM / UNLESS OF COURSE YOU LIKE SIGNING UP FOR A YEAR SUPPLY OF SPAMgmail.com AIM: aznriptide859
  3. If that XL loader is still SPF and the payment hasn't arrived, I'll take it immediately.
  4. I'm interested in that Marui XL loader. SItll got it?
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