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  1. So I've finally decided to part with this. I originally wanted to build a Colt 9mm M4, but frankly I can't see myself putting in money into another project. Included is: Warhead 9mm M4 Adapter (includes adapter, replaceable mag release paddle, and one 40rnd magazine) 2 x STAR UZI Magazine Boxes (x5), total of 10 magazines All the STAR magazines are NIB, while the Warhead adapter has been toyed around with in various guns. The 40rnd mag feeds wonderfully, the STAR ones I don't know. I'd rather leave them in as NIB rather than test them. All in all you get an M4 9mm adapter and 11 mags/540 rounds of 9mm fun. I am not willing to split the package, sorry. Asking $55 shipped for everything, OBO. I'll be shipping USPS, Priority if the price is not tampered with. PM me for inquiries, no trades for the time being. Thanks for looking!
  2. Dropped to $200 shipped until May 18th, otherwise I'm just going to fix the hopup issue and keep it.
  3. I recently found this in my dump of a room, and frankly I want to get rid of it ASAP. It's a CYMA Thompson M1A1, bought back from a Kapowwe boneyard box (yes, it's THAT old). The gun arrived to me with a broken outer barrel, and it's missing several parts (buttplate, shorter buttstock screw, barrel); I THINK I have some parts of the hopup unit, but no guarantees. I'll include if I find them. The gearbox, AFAIK, is 100% intact and works, but I do not have an adapter to test it; I recall gutting this gun for its motor cage for my TM M1A1, but that's about it. There is a TM motor cage included, but it's in bad condition (cracked in several places), so be careful when removing/installing it. I have no more use for this gun, so hopefully this is a good parts gun for anyone else with an M1A1, or you could perhaps fix it enough to go into a M41 pulse gun kit. Asking $30 + shipping. Please help me get rid of this ASAP. Paypal accepted only, PM for inquiries. Thanks!
  4. Time to liquidate all the AK stuff I probably won't be using. There's also a CYMA AK104 that's in disrepair if anyone's interested, but I'm trying to get it working first before selling it. Prices do not include shipping, items will most likely be shipped via USPS. Balkan Battlefield AKM Pickup Furniture. These were sold under the description that they were taken off used AKM's from European battlefields...or so I presumed. Each stock is HEAVILY worn, and most of the dirt/grime/smelly stuff was wiped away when I first received them. The lower handguard looks like someone cut off the foregrip from an AIMS lower. Both stocks include the metal buttpad, and the lower handguard includes the spring up front. I believe the upper handguard clip is somewhere, if I can find it I'll include it. Also pretty sure the pistol grip is bakelite. One of the stocks was cut in preparation for an AKM, but that purchase never came to fruition, so that stock will not be able to fit GBBR's (unless you somehow make it fit). $15 for the handguard set $5 for the pistol grip $20 for each stock $40 for an entire furniture set (buyer gets to pick which stock, of course) DBoys GP25. Works fine, but three small issues: 1. Front sight was never included when bought. Can be sourced from any other AK front sight. 2. The front gas block lock button is missing. I'm currently using an M4 receiver pin in place; it will be included. 3. For some reason today, when the grenade is charged and the trigger is pulled, the grenade will fire but also pop out of its locking mechanism. This didn't occur before, so I'm not sure what happened, and I can't be bothered to fix it right now. $65 for the launcher + one working VOG-25 grenade. Russian AK sling (I think). $10 AK side-mount scope rail. $10 Bakelite Midcap, unknown manufacturer (internals are removable). $8 Echo1 Bakelite HiCap, unknown capacity (can't be bothered to test it). Includes internals of a CYMA mag should you need spare parts. $10 My massive box of AK parts. Includes a ton of stuff I don't use for the most part, as well as some quality parts. I don't want to sort through and list EVERYTHING, yet I don't want to trouble people with a massive mystery/parts box. From the top of my head, some notable items include: DBoys Skeleton side-folding stock VFC AK74 ribbed receiver cover KA SAW Grip Two (?) TM-style AK104-length outer barrels DBoys AKS74U front sight (tan) DBoys AKS74U outer barrel (heavily dinged) Four AK74 grips (all plastic, mix of DBoys/CYMA/VFC) A few 47/74 selectors, including an LCT Krebs one A ridiculous amount of side optic rails (some screw mounted, some rivet mounted) ICS AK74 bolt, modified for TM-style AK use (can include parts for another one) LCT Galil-like ARM grip Please PM me which part you'd be interested in, and I'll give you a price. For the most part, each part will not exceed $15-20; multiple parts will receive discounts, and some parts would just be free provided you pay postage. Again, Paypal accepted only, and please PM me for all inquiries. Thanks for looking!
  5. Well that was fast. AKS74 and the Balkan handguards are sold. Mods may close, I'm going to consolidate the rest of the items into an AK-related sale thread, which I hope I can post later tonight.
  6. Few things first: 1. Prices do not include shipping. 2. Paypal accepted only. 3. Items will most likely be shipped via USPS. 4. I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Today I have a VFC AKS-74 AEG and a DBoys GP25 for sale. I bought both on complete impulse, and realized I don't need this many AK's. I'm willing to sell the launcher separately from the AEG, if necessary. The VFC is bone stock, aside from what appears to be a metal hopup unit, metal air nozzle, and brass cylinder head. Rest of the gun has not been touched internally (AFAIK, I may be the 3rd owner). The connector was swapped to Deans, since it's just more reliable than the stock Tamiya connector. The gun has never been fielded under me, and shoots reliably at 310FPS on 0.25g BB's at 14-15RPS. The externals are a little banged up, but this suits the look of the AK in my opinion. Overall build quality is extremely sturdy; the handguards are wood, but the motor grip isn't. Next up is the DBoys GP-25. Again, bought on impulse, but it's a nice launcher albeit a little heavy. There's two small issues with the launcher: 1. The front sight is missing (received like this). This can be replaced with any AK front sight, RS or airsoft. 2. The lock button is missing (received like this). I have not been able to find a replacement, but in the meantime, it's being held in via a M4 receiver pin. The pin will be included with whoever purchased the launcher. Now, the AKS74 package includes: One (x1) AKS74 AEG One (x1) Original Box (if I can find it, it came with my AK104 but I don't need it anymore) One (x1) Bakelite Midcap (Echo1 I think?) One (x1) Bakelite Hicap (Echo1) One (x1) Hicap internals (For spare parts, the outer shell tabs broke) One (x1) Russian AK Sling One (x1) Turnigy Nano-Tech 7.2v 1300mah 25-50C Lipo Battery One (x1) RS Balkan Battlefield Pickup AKM Handguard Set (real steel, sourced from Europe) For those interested, the battlefield pickup handguard looks very nice on the gun. For the Launcher, you'll just get the GP-25 and one VOG-25 grenade. Pricing: $325 for AKS74 Package $75 for GP-25 $400 for everything Again, only Paypal accepted, the ONLY single trade I'd consider is for an LCT RPK with wood furniture. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!
  7. As another Avalon BCM4 user, I can say it's probably one of the best base M4's you can buy. Best of luck with the sale! Buyers you won't be disappointed :)
  8. Quick gear sale. All items are Multicam and are the real deal gear, no clone ACM crap here. All products are essentially brand new - they've been mounted, but have neer been used and/or fielded. Shipping is not included, but will be shipped via USPS. Prices are set in stone, but a discount will be given for multiple items purchased. Shellback Tactical Banshee Shoulder Pads. These were way too long and wide for my GGG Minimalist PC, and made it uncomfortable to shoulder. Otherwise very well padded, suitable for larger PC's. $30. Three (x3) Tactical Tailor Fight Light Universal Mag Pouch. Each pouch can hold 3 x M4 mags or 2 AK mags - elastic on the outside, flameproof lining inside. $20 per pouch. PM me for inquiries, and thanks for looking!
  9. Curious but you're not able to Cerakote plastic are you? I have a TM P90 lower that needs some serious TLC lol.
  10. Would you happen to have access to the Disruptive Grey BCM use for their Jack Carbine?
  11. You sir have too much crap lol. If you would like, I could compare your STR and AFG2's to my RS counterparts.
  12. After a year or so I'm starting to lose interest in my PX4, so I'm planning to sell it. I'm about 60% willing to sell, 40% willing to just keep it. Here goes. Alrighty. Package includes: HK3P PX4 Custom GBB -Slide painted and heat cured using Brownell's Alumahyde-II Stainless Steel Grey -Frame custom stippled using SAI-inspired patterning 3 x HK3P 25rnd Magazines 3 x Nine Ball Extended Mag Bumpers (stock ones included) WE Threaded -14mm Silencer Adapter (glued on, explained later) Real Steel Beretta USA PX4 Storm Extended Magazine Catches Real Steel IMI Military Paddle Holster for PX4 Installed internals: Nine Ball 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel (stock one included) A+ Plus Devil HopUp Chamber (stock one included) Team GBB Enhanced Recoil + Hammer Spring (120%?) There are two issues to note regarding the pistol: 1. The hopup arm is currently broken (pictured below); the pistol still has hopup, but it is relatively ineffective when adjusted. A new arm can be either sourced from TM direct (if you have a Japanese contact), or by buying a spare WE PX4 upper (these go for $40-50 depending on where you look). 2. Not an issue, but the WE silencer adapter is JBWelded onto the outer barrel. Early in the pistol's lifespan the adapter threads on the outer barrel were stripped, so the adapter was glued in. The OB can still be removed from the slide if stripping is needed. Regarding the real steel PX4 mag catches, they do not work with the WE's design, you will need to buy additional parts in order for it to work. Brownell's sells these parts (specifically, Beretta parts #49, #50, and #51) - I cannot guarantee this will work in the end, however I believe it's worth it if you have the desire to make the RS catches work. Everything cost me about $300+, and regarding the pistol's condition, I think $225 + shipping is a fair asking deal. Price is of course OBO, however I will ignore lowballers. Paypal is accepted only, the ONLY trade I'd consider would be a WE/HK3P M&P (or Toucan or whatever the flying WE call their pistols now). Thanks for looking!
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