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  1. Sorry I should've updated this a while back - I'm now OOS on Spectres. ETA for the next batch is unknown; I've been given an estimate of about a month. You're still very welcome to email me to be on the email-back-in-stock list.
  2. The spare externals set was sold, so the rest of the package now is $250 + shipping.
  3. If you two can come to an agreement then sure, I can sell the externals and the gun separately. Do note the SD externals are NOT complete, and the right half of the metal receiver is missing a small chunk near the rear.
  4. No trades accepted, Paypal accepted only for monetary payment. For sale is one of my backup guns, an ICS MP5SD6. It has never seen a game under my hands, however it has seen better days. I received the guns as non-working parts, and in my spare time I have fixed it. The externals are slightly battered, but are mostly in good condition - all are made by ICS from the looks of it. I have taken the time to reinforce and properly modify the sliding stock to where it's sturdy and will never collapse under normal use (apparently a common mishap with sliding stock MP5's). The internals look like a mix of ICS and ACM, with a few upgrades included: TM Hopup Rubber Lonex MP5 Air Nozzle SHS V2 Tappet Plate PDI 170% Spring Tokyo Marui EG1000 Motor Performance wise it shoots 300FPS w/ 0.25g BB's at around 22RPS on a 11.1v lipo battery stored in the handguard (included in the package). Respectable, but not outstanding. The gun DOES however have a BlackTalon Concepts Chimera Mk.II MOSFET installed within the handguard, which allows for fully customizable programming and adjustments depending on your needs (more info at http://www.btcairsoft.com/chimera_v2gb). This unit is getting hard to find and is very tough. This package is massive, so it includes the following: 1 x ICS MP5SD6 (Complete, working) 1 x ICS MP5SD6 Spare Externals Set (Mostly complete, right half receiver missing rear section, handguard has holes in it, no gearbox or internals included) 8 x MAG 90rnd MidCap Magazines (2 have been tested, rest are unused) 1 x BTC Chimera Mk. II (Installed), spare wiring included 1 x Turnigy Nano-Tech 11.1v 1400mah 15C Lipo Battery 1 x Bag of Misc. Parts (includes extra externals and random tidbits for the spare externals set) 2 x Spare MP5 Nozzles (both I believe are ICS; not pictured) 1 x Spare MP5 Sliding Stock (probably ACM; not pictured) Basically this package contains everything you need to start an MP5 loadout, plus plenty of spare parts to fix whatever goes wrong. I am done with MP5's for the foreseeable future, so everything MP5-related will go in this package. I'm asking for a reasonable $300 + shipping; price is very OBO, however lowballers WILL be ignored. I will not split up the package UNLESS you find another buyer to claim the other parts you do not want. Please PM me regarding purchase inquiries. Thank you for looking :)
  5. Starting to liquidate stuff I never use anymore. Prices do not include shipping. ACM Larue Irondot QD Mount (no RDS). $20 TSC Gear Sector Handstop (Trademarked). $10 TSC Gear Sector Foregrip (Trademarked). $10 Element Larue QD Mount for Surefire Scoutlights. $10 SOLD ACM Low-Profile M4 Gas Block. Pretty beat up, no pins included. $5 SOLD G&P TangoDown QD Short Foregrip (Tan). $15 Venom Tactical/Bolton Dynamics AK47/74 Gas Block (same as this: http://shop.venomtactical.com/products/ven...k-74-gas-block). 100% unused, bought for a project that was canceled. $90 ProWin M4 Hopup Chamber (x2). $20 each, $35 for both. SOLD Prices are as low as I can go. Paypal accepted only, please PM me for inquiries. Items will be shipped via USPS. Thanks for looking!
  6. Have 5 in stock now, email me as usual for purchasing. Thanks!
  7. Emailed. And if anyone's doubting Darryl, he has been selling airsoft (especially harder to find classic airsoft pieces) for years, possibly over a decade now. Very trustworthy guy :)
  8. Should be getting another batch of 10 within a week or so. Everyone is welcome to email me again to be put on the back-in-stock list. Thanks!
  9. OOS for the time being (see original post). You are welcome to email me at tkzhang90<AT>gmail.com in order to be put on the email-back-when-in-stock list.
  10. (An FYI: This post is copied from a parallel topic post from another forum, posted and picture taken just yesterday). Finally getting back into selling FET's again! Just picked up 15 new units straight from BTC - all V2 Spectres. Comes with FET, instruction manual, deans-to-Tamiya adapter, and elongated screw. Although there are 15 pictured units, 5 have been reserved for previously email-contacted buyers + 1 has sold. As of 12/10, NINE (9) are available to purchase. Price is $100 shipped via USPS: International buyers will have to pay a bit more for shipping. Please once again email me at tkzhang90<AT>gmail.com for inquiries - no PM's please! Get them while they're still in stock, because they'll go fast! Thanks for looking! EDIT: They are OOS at the moment (12/19/13), I will update this post once I restock. Thanks! EDIT 2: In stock as of 1/12/14, 5 units left!
  11. Trying to slim down my collection due to school/slight loss of interest, so this has got to go. This is an older Marushin Colt Anaconda 8mm Maxi with a 4-inch barrel (NOT X-Cartridge). The revolver is MASSIVE - even for someone with large hands as myself. It fires with a nice sound This gun has been a "project" of mine for about a year, since it was sent to me broken. It has since been repaired, and because I enjoyed shooting with it so much, it includes a TON of stuff. Included are: 1x Gun (with intact full trademarks) 1x Original Box 1x Original manual/catalog 6x Modify 8mm Brass Cartridges (originals were lost in Customs, but these are MUCH nicer and heavier) 1x Nine Ball 8.03mm Tightbore Barrel (Installed) 1x Stock inner barrel (included, once I find it) 1x Marushin Scope Mount (not installed but included in the box) 1x Remaining BB's of a Marushin 500rnd 0.27g 8mm BB bag There is one small issue with the gun - originally it is single action/double action, however because it seems one piece is worn on the revolving chamber, the double action does not always work. If you pull the trigger in a certain motion, the DA function works, otherwise you'll have to pull the hammer each time to fire it. THE GUN WORKS - it's simply the DA action that doesn't work reliably. I have circled the part number that is needed to be replaced in order to get the DA working again. Because of it's condition and nature, I would like to ask $110 + shipping for the entire package. Shipping is CONUS via USPS Priority - I can most likely fit everything in a medium flat rate box. Please PM me for inquiries - price is slightly flexible, but no trades will be accepted. Thanks for looking! EDIT: Forgot the proof pic...too lazy to get it out of my drawer now.
  12. You know what? I'll be the first to say it: This collection isn't very impressive. Yay, +100 guns. Yay, tons of guns. But for such a large collection, I'm surprised you don't have more RARER guns. 95% of the things you've listed anyone here could get on the free market given he/she as the right connections/resources. Hell most of them are just iterations of the same damn gun. Unless there are more rarer models you haven't revealed yet, I hope OP is more than convincing with his price offerings in order to compete with just buying most of these guns from a retailer. You will however receive interest from me for that SPAS12. Nothing else tickles my fancy.
  13. Any problems with it? Anything else included besides the magazine?
  14. You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. PM'ed.
  15. VFC AK105 Receiver SOLD. ACM KX3 Flash Hider SOLD. VFC Handguard Set SOLD. All other items available, keep those PM's coming! :)
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