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  1. I'm starting to get fed up with my KSC Glock platform, so it's time to slowly liquidate all this crap. My KSC G34 will be up for sale later. First up is a KSC G18C parts gun I've managed to piece together. Slide is plastic and traded, lower is late-gen traded (Milspec trades not Austria trades), and the magazine has a Glock logo on the back (no marking on baseplate though). Trades are hard to find untarnished within the states. Unfortunately the trigger safety is not included, as the trigger assembly was donated from a KWA Glock in the past. Upgradewise it has: Shooters Design Steel Valve Knocker KSC modded Hi-Flow Valve Now, for the problems: 1. Currently it is missing part #'s 258 (selector locking pin), 259 (locking pin screw), and 260 (selector rotating thingy). 260 is the hardest part to find by far, sadly. 2. For some reason, part #'s 253 and 265 (lower sear lock) are not engaging. They are installed/attached correctly, but some reason that baffles me, 253 refuses to push 265 forward, allowing the sear to lock and the trigger/hammer to be fired. Other than that, the parts gun is complete. The magazine has no leaks whatsoever. Due to the condition of this gun, I'm asking $75 shipped OBO. I really would like this gone, and am open to reasonable offers. Paypal accepted only, again please PM me for any inquiries. Thank you!
  2. VFC AK105 Receiver SOLD. ACM KX3 Flash Hider SOLD.
  3. Deciding to gut one of my AK projects; going to just start anew with another gun instead of Frankensteining different parts together. Shipping prices are not included. Paypal accepted only, multiple items bought will incur discounts. VFC AK105 reciever + stock, including RS AK tube cleaning kit (fits within the stock). Taken off my VFC AK105 the instant I bought it (previous owner was PianoBlack), has sat around for a year or more since. Top quality, all steel. Includes trigger guard (riveted on) and front trunion/outer barrel pin. $100 OBO. DBoys AK74 rear sight block. Includes retaining pin, rear sight, and upper handguard locking lever. $15 VFC AK105 upper + lower polymer handguard kit. Gas retaining tube included with upper, lower includes inner retaining bit. $20 DBoys AK74 outer barrel, simple enough. $10. Dynamic Star/LCT clone of Krebs Custom AK side-loading magwell flange. Includes two longer screws for mounting. $20 ACM clone of Noveske KX3 flash hider in Tan. All trademarks there. $15 ACM clone of Magpul MBUS Gen1, rear sight. $10 That's all for now, please PM me for inquiries. Thanks!
  4. What specific model are those Pelican cases so I can get an accurate dimension measurement?
  5. You cut for both ESAPI (all sizes) and Velocity-style plates?
  6. Isn't he your brother though lol?
  7. Fair enough, yet I highly doubt KWA will release anything in the near future. In any case, I'm positive potential buyers would rather purchase a product with clear details rather than vague, incorrect ones. Some research into what that actual "gearbox" is would be beneficial to people interested in the gun.
  8. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7466 This is a V2 2GX gearbox. Notice it's version 2 and for M4's. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2596 This is a Guarder V3 gearbox. Notice it's version 3 and for AK's. Your brother's gearbox in the picture is 100% matching with the V3 gearbox, both in shape and form. And, as I say again, KWA has never in their history produced an AK AEG, so a KWA-made "V3" gearbox as stated is simply impossible. Unless, of course, the OP is simply regurgitating false information from a previous seller.
  9. I will incredulously ask how you managed to get a KWA gearbox into a VFC AKS74U, when KWA makes no AK's whatsoever.
  10. Dropped to $140 shipped without RDS, $165 shipping with RDS. Comon need this gone please!
  11. I have been told the V2 Spectres will be out by the end of the month. On a related note, I am OOS on V3 Chimeras. The next FET's I'll be stocking will indeed be the V2 Spectres.
  12. This cloning business is getting out of hand lol.
  13. Some rules: No trades. Again, NO TRADES. Paypal accepted only. Communicate me via PM, I can respond pretty promptly. Do not expect me to PM you for interest; if you want my gun, get off your lazy and work for it. Let's get started. Up for sale is an S&T Explorer Tavor TAR-21 AEG. This was purchased off my friend Booligan on ASR (who did a thorough review on it) as an interim AEG while I started another AR15 build, but now that I have more guns available, I would like to sell this one. Gun fires at about 320FPS on 0.25g BB's at 18RPS on the provided 11.1v lipo battery. Gun is actually surprisingly reliable stock - I have used this gun for target practice a lot, but never used for a game. There are two minor external issues to address: 1. The selector lock into each position is too worn down. Not sure if this is fixable, but I do not see this as a big enough problem to warrant an effort. Fire selection works perfectly fine though. 2. The cocking handle has broken off once before, but has been JBWelded back in. It remains sturdy as long as you apply force close to the base of the handle. I will not be responsible for careless breaking of the handle - you have been warned. Internals were completely untouched, except an upgrade for the air nozzle to an Element M4 air nozzle. I originally thought the original air nozzle broke (it stopped reciprocating), but upon reinstallation I found nothing was wrong. Fortunately the upgraded air nozzle gives much better compression, so the FPS is now consistent. Externals include: PDI +14mm to -14mm thread adapter DBoys AK74U flash hider (can't find a spare M4 one, sorry) Real steel Magpul MOE 11-slot rail section (mounted on the right for flashlights) Walther 30mm Green/Red Red Dot Sight with 30mm high rise mounts The gun includes: Original box Original manual Gun RDS Scope (if buyer wants it) 1 x 300rnd Tan HiCap Magazine 1 x 300rnd Black HiCap Magazine (not pictured, and is missing it's winding wheel) 1 x Turnigy Nano-Tech 11.1v 1600mah 25C LiPo Battery (wired to deans, is puffed up but still works) I am asking $175 shipped for everything, and $150 shipped without the red dot sight. This is relatively set in stone, but is minorly OBO. Lowballers will be insulted and bashed. PM me for more info/if you're interested. Paypal accepted only. Thanks for looking!
  14. Update: I am completely out of stock of V2's and have 6 V3 Chimeras in stock ready to ship. The next V2's I'm stocking will be the new Spectres.
  15. Ideally within a month. If you'd like for me to email you when they arrive, you can email me at the address listed in the OP and I can contact you once the Spectres arrive.
  16. The next V2 FET's I'll be stocking will be the new BTC Spectre; I will make a new post for those FET's once I stock them.
  17. Also your M203 is made by ICS, not G&P; there's a massive "ICS TAIWAN" trademark on the side.
  18. Is that DBAL the IR version or the visible-only version? Probably better if you clear that up...from the pics it looks like the visible-only version.
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