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  1. About time someone showed up with some sense in their head.
  2. MAP and FAPC are sold. Only pouches are left.
  3. Want some new gear, gonna get rid of what I have. All gear has been very, VERY lightlu used, worn to maybe one game and around the house. Prices include shipping. Flyye Industries FAPC Gen 1 Plate Carrier in Khaki. Lightly used, works great but personally I need something more body hugging. Stitching is very much intact, great for lower profile builds. Asking $55 shipped. Phantom (same company essentially as Pantac/Flyye) MBSS/MAP Hydration Backpack/Pouch in Khaki. Used one in the past (not this particular one), loved it. Holds a nice large hydration pouch and so much more. Very lightly used, no wear. Asking $40 shipped. Pantac Triple EV Universal Mag Shingle in Coyote Brown. NEVER used ever, I have two of these (the other one still new in pouch). Note I have removed the bungee retainers off the top, but they will be put back on when sold. Asking $20 shipped each. Buy it all for $120 shipped. PM me for inquiries, Paypal accepted only. Thanks for looking!
  4. The BTC Chimera is finally here! The BTC Chimera is the next generation of advanced MOSFET units. Designed as a modular unit. the MOSFET consists of a replacement switch assembly and an external MOSFET unit. The Chimera gives full customization of all features, including ROF control, fire control, pre-cocking, and much more. Each unit includes a V2 gearbox replacement switch, the Chimera FET unit, proper wiring for the motor, battery, and signal wiring, two selector plate replacement springs, and the instruction manual. More info can be found on the BTC Chimera testing thread: http://forums.airsoftmechanics.com/index.p...pic,6908.0.html I am official dealer for BlackTalon Concepts, and am selling each Chimera for $110 USD shipped! Shipping includes USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation; I am also open to international purchases, however shipping costs will be much higher. Contact me for quotes. As of Oct. 16, I have a total of 11 units. Buy now, these are sure to go quick! For purchase inquiries, please email me at tkzhang90<AT>gmail.com - please DO NOT PM me, I can keep track of orders and progress much better via email. I accept Paypal only. Thanks for looking!
  5. DBoys is a direct VFC clone, so yes, they have the contact hinge design as well.
  6. I suddenly want to be a troll and screw you out of money. Just kidding, good luck with the sale. :)
  7. 2 x ACM 300rnd Hicap Magazines for P90's. Don't like hicaps at all. $10 each. 5 x Condor OD P90/UMP Magazine Pouches. Don't like OD. $10 each. Shipping not included, reduced prices for buying in bulk. All will be shipped via USPS w/ Delivery Confirmation. Please PM me for inquiries. Thanks for looking!
  8. Do you happen to have pictures of the right side of the receiver?
  9. Just as a tip, that M4 stock adapter for the AK receiver won't fit at all to that receiver style. The adapter will only fit receivers that have full stock tangs (I.e. AK47 or AKM). Might be just better to sell them separately :)
  10. Hilarious this is coming out before the RS is.
  11. Dare I ask sir...are you Inferno GmbH?!?! Also, that MPL AEG is totally mine. PM'ed.
  12. http://forums.airsoftmechanics.com/index.p...pic,7511.0.html Yes, I know it happened on another forum, and yes, I know ASF isn't liable, but this warning is out there for anyone wanting to deal with him. His response has been pretty unprofessional and refuses to admin his "new" item is really used and give a refund. Watch out.
  13. No offense, but that's a M945, not a Kimber.
  14. Asking price is mandatory. As reference they go for $350-400 new.
  15. How is this not sold yet?! ?_? Though question, was the handguard tan piece up front cut on the bottom?
  16. Then you obviously have not been playing airsoft long enough. I would gladly purchase a true Inokatsu if I had $1k lying around.
  17. This is exactly what happens why you buy way too many PMAG Ranger Plates.
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