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  1. I was talking about BE. they did not attempt to make it, they did make it.
  2. thompson has plastic lower but metal upper reciever. soc 16 has metal body...just like every other AEG/MPEG m14.
  3. and B&T, and ..... is it possible that his dad bought a BELL G3???
  4. you don't even know the best place to buy a TM until I told you.
  5. they actually did make it. and it's mechanical.
  6. Those people loves to get hurt don't they?
  7. actually, I just came back to the thread after accidently clicked "back" on my browser... then I refreshed it to see if there are new posts... and someone was flaming at me. I already got 1500 post count, I don't need to rank post.
  8. BE's Type 89 is much better than their previous pathetic attempt to make a MPEG. atleast it's got full-metal body and 3-round burst(mechanical).
  9. well, I forgot about which site I found it on, and I couldn't see anything new on arnies.
  10. you already have all the info about it in this thread. and if there is one thing to do to it, it's to replace plastic spring guides and bushing with metal ones. and reshim... and you should also get systema wiring and a new battery... that's 3 things. well, metal bushings+metal spring guide+systema wiring+new battery+shim set will cost you about $60-70, but they will make the AEG perform much better, and last alot longer aswell.
  11. oh, so I was wrong when I said "*backs out of the thread slowly*"???
  12. that was the crappiest post I have ever seen... how do you know if I have no Idea what it's about. if I don't, I would have probably posted something like what you posted to someone finished argueing and is moving on with his life.
  13. they are stainless steel and 6.03, there are 2 good things.
  14. JG SR16 is the same, just go look on ASGI. echo1 rebrands JG, Kart(M14 and M14 EBR), Galaxy(mp5k and mp5k pdw), and A&K (SAW). read: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.php?showtopic=99167
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