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  1. before you open up your gun I would check to see if you turned your hopup on. Could be something wrong there.
  2. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...9jo2ubtnp28o1n7 its a M4 that has the lenth of a MP5k. A bonus is that it uses stanag mags. Seems actually pretty cool.
  3. actually kevlar on ebay I have found A&K M249s for around $250. The A&K M60 last time I heard was around juneish. Also jeep that was a very good post on SAWs.
  4. http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....ath=407_437_439 take your pick. obviously the 4.3 ones only
  5. Okay for a fact I have owned king arms midcaps and they would hardly feed without modification in my CA M15. I sold them to some kid and they fed fine in his JG M4 (or irrelevant). I bought MAGs after that and had absolutely no problems. All in all go for the MAG, CA, E1 mags
  6. well by my knowledge and common sense sort of, the dust cover should stay down as it would be difficult to keep the charging handle pulled back and adjust the hop up. In other words keep it the way it is.
  7. I recently got my M4 upgraded by a professional. Today I shot it and I was getting bad range. I thought it was just that the hop up was off so I opened the dust cover. turns out that the wheel won't budge due to a spring being caught in the wheels of the hopup. Where does this spring go exactly and how would I fix it?
  8. http://b2b.guay2.com/eng_law/law_mp5.htm http://b2b.guay2.com/eng_law/law_16a2.htm both are blue and are G&G. they are law enforcement models so you probably will need to drop in a lighter spring.
  9. it's fine stock actually. Get an aimpoint or EOTech or reflex sight because the gun is mainly meant for CQB. Silencer won't do anything but if you have to get one well they are pretty much for cosmetics or if you have a longer barrel. If you need to upgrade you can check out the pins: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Aeg-Upgr...ide-t97249.html look under the MP5 high speed/ ROF section and then swap out parts for a V3 gearbox (MP5 uses V2).
  10. wait MP41 ohh that is diesel will deffinatly buy that
  11. its a v3 I am guessing as the TM SG552 and the others use a V3 gearbox.
  12. you couldve read the RPK review and I assume they have similar if not identical internals. is DBoys really that good with plastic bushings?
  13. is there any deffinative answer on the SRC MP40 release date. Also AGM is coming out with a MP44 or STG44 one of them soon.
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