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  1. I've reported his posts already, but the mods have not responded. If they delete his posts I will take out the other paragraphs.
  2. Bump... Still not closed, imagine that... guess im not a ripoff artist. HAHA
  3. Look, I have asked you nicely to leave me alone and stop posting in my thread. I refunded your money, and I encouraged you to file a dispute SO YOU WERE PROTECTED. Clearly I am not trying to scam you, or anyone else. I have been on this forum for years, and have bought/sold many guns on here... Why would I have a reason to ruin my reputation now? You are blatently lying, the gun has never been worked on until you tore it apart and broke it. No hardware had ever been replaced, and the mag catch is just fine. Here are two vids of it shooting, I can get a better one because its really difficult to hold the camera and shoot at the same time. Raven, please stop bashing my thread, if you are so concerned, take it up with the moderation team, but please stop posting in this thread. I have been as nice as I can be to you. As for the BB's, it does not matter it it was a $5 bottle, or a $20 case, the fact is, you still kept them, and that was not part of the return negotiations. It is ok though, karma is a .
  4. I am sorry you were delusional and thought I was going to pay you $50 to ship it back to me, when I only paid $18 to ship it to you. I would like to see what the moderator(s) say, because I am not a scammer, the gun functions just fine, and I have all the messages from you stating that it works fine, and the I was "out of luck" on the BB's that you did not ship back. And I did send the vid to PP, along with pics, but the way you strategically worded your dispute, they automaticaly sided with you... And lastly, that claim you drove an hour to airsoft atlanta, and "Andy" or whoever it was you told me, I forget did extensive testing on it, is BS.. I called up there the day you supposedly got back and he had no idea who you were, and never worked on the rifle. Im sure you have done this to people in the past. Please stay out of my thread, like I said I will have a video of it shooting this afternoon. There is nothing wrong with the mag catch, there is nothing wrong with the hardware except that its not there because you didnt put it back (which I have since, replaced), and there is nothing wrong with the compression of the rifle. I took it out and shot it, and it travelled well over 100 feet and was straight as an arrow. As I told you, this is a cheap gun (TSD), not a TM or Maruzen, etc... It isnt going to shoot dead accurate, 300 feet down the range. Please stop now.
  5. Ok, so I ended up getting this rifle back, it is a TSD not a UTG... Ill explain why I got it back in a moment. Gun shoots fine, its no Tokyo Marui but it shoots well. Needs a magazine. Will come with a hardcase and a 3x9x40 illuminating scope. Onto why I have it back: I sold this to a member on here (not saying names), he got it 2 days later in working condition, contacted me a few days later complaining it was broken, blah, blah, blah... (I took a video before I shipped of it working fine), So, after a few heated arguements he ended up filing a paypal dispute (which I encouraged), and they sided with him, so he sent it back and I refunded him... No problem. Well, when I got it back it was missing hardware on it left and right, it was missing the case of BB's I sent with it, and the rifle case had been broken... I am convinced I was taken, because I went through the rifle throuroughly and fixed everything he messed with, and again it shoots just fine. I will take a video of it tommorow and post it up. Anyways, just trying to recoup some of my loses, so I am selling for $100 shipped rather than $120. Like I said, I will post a video of it shooting tommorow... Do not hesitate to PM me with questions/concerns. This time around it will be sold AS IS, NO REFUNDS... Because I have already been taken once. -Brandon.
  6. I have a UTG L96 Sniper rifle... Its an awesome gun, really good range and dead accurate. I just do not play any longer so I need to sell it. It has a custom camo paintjob on it, a nice 3x9x40 scope, will include some bb's, and a hard plastic rifle case. It needs a new Magazine, because I do not know where it went. Looking for $120 shipped. Need this gone fast!
  7. Bump, this is an awesome gun guys just getting out of the sport. Will part aswell.
  8. I was told it had a pdi bucking and hardened steel gears. Any yes the Magpul Stock is included. I bought the gun off hydralover. Lolprecision honestly I am not sure. I have not got a chrono and hydra never told me. My guess would be somewhere around 320-350 but not sure.
  9. Bump, feel free to make offers guys! I need this gone!
  10. I have a KWA M4 for sale, traded it awhile back from hydralover and never feilded it. Getting out of airsoft. Its an awesome gun and tons of fun to shoot. KWA M4 (retails at about 300) Lipo Battery & Charger Tokyo Marui silencer and adaptor (retails around 70) Knights Armament RAS (retails at about 90) Aimpoint Replica Red/Green Dot Scope (Retails at 60) Upgraded gears and hopup PDI Tightbore Barrel (retails at 70) Magpul Tan stock Two Mid Caps Bunch of other little things I have laying around. Looking for 350 shipped obo. Need money.
  11. Bump, I need this thing gone! Also have a magpul ctr stock in tan. Spend 55 on it, never used it. 50 shipped.
  12. Well guys, we still have to finish cleaning up the feild and whatnot so I will keep yall posted, and get some pics and a website asap. And theres alot of players from jax fl on a nc website?
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