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  1. Hello, my name is Nate, I am the owner and founder of AirsoftGrid and I want to tell you about my website! It is a 100% free social networking experience for airsofters of all walks of life! With my site I am trying to create a one stop shop for players across the country to be able to chat, connect, coordinate and play some airsoft! I have been an avid airsofter for the past twelve years or so and I remember what is was like trying to find and coordinate games; with my site now that has been stream lined for everyone! On my site users are able to: -Have their own profiles which allows them to state their team status, their arsenals, their game play preferences and much more! -Create groups based on location which will facilitate a breeding ground for team creation. -Create groups based on teams that have been formed, or for existing teams! -Create a profile page for your business AND/OR a group page for your business! (Assuming you have a business) -Create events to effectively announce a game, team practice, or large scale operation to everyone connected to AirsoftGrid! -Connect with airsofters that you had no idea were in your backyard all along! -Have fun, be safe, and play some airsoft! -MUCH MUCH MORE.. So hop on over to AirsoftGrid.com, tell all of your friends to do the same, become a part of the next thing to hit airsoft.
  2. Thanks for the help guys! :D I am looking into the mounts on Ebay renegadecow! Also Guges Mk3, I wouldn't mind taking a look at the mount that you have available. Thanks again guys!
  3. Hey guys! I know my way around a gearbox as well as spring sniper rifles however GBB's are something I have little knowledge of. My brother has a KJW Sig 226 with the RIS rail in the front and he is in the process of overhauling it, internally and externally. As of now the only internal modification is a tight bore. Externally however, he has a few plans. Which leads me to my question.. Are there any known rail mounts similar to the Hi Capa ones you always see, that will fit over the front of his Sig going on the existing rail which will then allow him to add all sorts of bells and whistles to his Sig? He purchased a generic plastic POS rail mount for it that actually fit, however it was too snug and the blowback of the gun was actually making the mount slide off slowly with each shot. The Sig is just slightly too tall and chunky.. lol In case I butchered the description.. this is what I am looking for, but one preferably of high quality and it has to fit the KJW Sig 226! Thanks for checking out my thread guys! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  4. Bump! I have this up on EBay again! Price has been lowered to $350! EBay item #: 281135958351
  5. Hey guys! BUMP! Still have this! Make me an offer! Thanks!
  6. Bump. I will take 400 for this! today! Let me know! The auction has ended again... so I will paste the description into here. HERE IS THE EBAY AUCTION DESCRIPTION: Hello EBay! Up for sale I have a very nice airsoft sniper rifle! It is a JG Bar-10, however the only thing JG about this gun as of now is the body. Everything else is 100% custom high end parts. I purchased this a year or so ago with an army digital paintjob and recently as you can see have added this paint scheme. Upgrades: It has a tightbore barrel, I forget precision cut. It has a black teflon coated cylinder Action Army Zero trigger and piston Upgraded spring guide and cylinder head (I believe they are Laylax) The hop-up is upgraded, I forget what type of hop-up and it is, either TM or another after market upgrade. Upon purchasing this rifle a year or so ago, I 100% took the Trigger box down lubed it up and re-assembled. It responds VERY smoothly. I downgraded the spring since the spring it came with was difficult to pull back and at the time the trigger mech was being difficult. I will be including the more powerful spring, as well as the stock spring. I will also be including all of the stock internals, trigger, barrel etc. Also I believe there are upgraded teflon barrel spacers for more precision when firing. As it stands now with the medium power spring in it, I chronographed it 5 minutes ago and she is pumping out .40 bb's at 415 FPS. That is not bad at all, she has a ton of power. The scope riser and scope ARE included, the scope is very nice and illuminates red for low light shooting. I am not sure about the diameter of the lens but the magnification of the scope is 3.5-10. So this works as a good telescope as well lol. This also has a 14mm threaded barrel adapter which I can throw in a suppressor to attach as well! As pictured there is a mag pouch/ cheek riser attached to the butt of this rifle. It can hold 2 magazines. This IS included. Also I did not mention this, but there are a total of 4 magazines included in this auction. Two of them sometimes get stuck in the mag well and may need to be slightly shaved down. I think that was caused by the fact that this rifle has seen two paintjobs, although I did my best to sand down the first paint job. I am trying to sell this because I have had it for about a year and have fielded it ZERO times, this had nothing to do with the rifle, I was very busy finishing my last year of my bachelor's degree and busy being a chair softer lol. I fired maybe 100 rounds through this MAX. One thing I also did not mention, the screw that goes into the bolt underneath the back of the trigger guard likes to come loose sometimes, some thread lock and you are set, I just didn't want to thread lock it in yet in case the next owner wants to take it down and work on it. This does not impact the use of this gun at all. I am looking to sell this fast because I am going on vacation / fishing trip in about a week and a half and would like some extra vacation money! If you have any questions that I did not address please let me know! I will try to keep the specific internal parts up to date as I messaged the original owner and asked him the brands, I think everything on the inside is Laylax, but I messaged him to confirm this and I will keep this auction up to date! I am open to offers, bet offer takes it! I am willing to negotiate!
  7. Bump! check this out! Make me an offer! Need to go!
  8. I did not, I just re-listed it for 3 days, 100 dollars off of my original price! Make me offers guys! This needs to sell! Here is new auction number: 281129161734 just copy and paste that number into the search box on EBay.
  9. Auction only has an hour left! Make your offers guys! I lowered it by 100 dollars! I need to sell this!
  10. BUMP! PLEASE MAKE SOME OFFERS GUYS! I am willing to flex! Thank you!
  11. Hello ASF! It has been a while! I am selling my fully upgraded and running very smoothly JG Bar-10 Pictures, price and full description are on EBay! (paste the following number into the search box on EBay) Auction number: 281126535994 Please I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANY TRADES. CASH MONEY ONLY! I just finished my bachelor's degree and am going on vacation in a week so I would like money. I have it listed on EBay for $600.00 OBO, offer away! I have it priced high and I am open to any and MOST offers. DO NOT LOW BALL ME PLEASE. Thanks and have a nice day!
  12. Okay due to Hurricane Sandy I was unable to do any more work on my gun.. I just got power last night and made this video to show the one little problem I am currently having with it.. please let me know if you have a solution. thank you!
  13. Okay so after sleeping on it and re-assessing the issue I made a minor change to the layout of the trigger mech and I then took apart the cylinder and it seemed to fix everything... for now. It is hurricaning outside but I just went through a mag in the pitch darkness, I will try to shoot it during the day tomorrow but I did not mess with the hop up unit.. anyway this is the change I made.. basically the spring that dangles down like I hook I moved to the peg that has the blue arrow pointing to it.. Maybe this will help someone else that opens their trigger box..
  14. Okay cool thanks, did you see my first video? I'll make one tomorrow of the internals. :D
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