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  1. Bump 21. G&P EOTech 552 (missing one hood screw) - SPF
  2. Just going to start off with some general info/rules: Located in Newbury Park, CA 91320 I prefer PayPal, though F2F is always an option Prices are NOT set in stone, but don't lowball Shipping is NOT included Please PM me, don't just leave a post If you need further info, pics, or even videos just ask Here's a few trades I might take: KAC URX 3 12"+ Keymod Handguards 7" Carbine RIS (CA would be perfect) Aimpoint Micro T-1 Magpul PTS M-Revision PMAGs (Black) Magpul MOE/CTR Stock (Black) Magpul Gen2 MBUS (Black) 11.1v Stick Lipos FAST Helmet Mesh Cover (Multicam) Short High Torque Motor 1. G&P Mk18 RIS - SPF 2. G&P 7" URX - $40 3. JG 12" Handguard - $10 4. JG Flip-Up Front Sight - SOLD 5. VFC PDW Rear Sight - SOLD 6. DBoys SCAR Rear Sight - $5 7. G&P KAC Flip-Up Front Sight - $15 8. G&P VLTOR Gas Block (missing one set screw) - SOLD 9. JG Railed Gas Block - $5 10. CA Front Sling Mount - $5 11. ACM CAA Stock w/ Buffer Tube (no mounting screw) - SOLD 12. KA VLTOR Clubfoot MOD Stock w/ Buffer Tube and Mounting Screw - SOLD 13. ASG ROTEX-III QD Suppressor - $40 14. JG 4.25" Barrel Extension - $5 15. G&P KAC Foregrip - $5 16. CA M4 Grip - $5 17. JG M4 Grip - $3 18. Matrix 30mm Scope Mount - $5 19. G&P Aimpoint 2x Magnifier - SPF 20. G&P Aimpoint ML2 w/ Element LaRue LT129 Mount (missing rubber strap; mount was sanded a little for fitment) - $40 21. G&P EOTech 552 (missing one hood screw) - SOLD 22. JG Plastic M4 Receivers (WYSIWYG) - $10 23. Madbull Chrono 2.1 (hardly used) - $85 Thanks for looking guys!
  3. Just want to do a straight trade for a BLACK hand stop kit, as well as a set (or two) of BLACK enhanced XTM rail covers. I have three sets (12 total) of regular black XTMs, and a black PTS MOE MVG. I may trade a Magpul USA AFG2 if that's of more interest. NOTE: Everything I have is legit Magpul, and I only want legit Magpul in return.
  4. Bump Desert Eagle has been sold, RISR may be sold off as well.
  5. Hey guys, got some stuff I need to offload. Just going to start off with some rules which I'd greatly appreciate if everyone took some time to look through. RULES: Payment through PayPal only, unless you happen to be local Shipping is NOT included in prices (unless stated so) Prices aren't set in stone, but don't lowball I will hold item(s) for 48hrs after agreeing on a price. No more, no less Everything comes AS-IS, therefore I will NOT accept returns I will accept trades, but they're pretty specific (down to the brand): WE 25rd. G17/G18C Mags G&P KAC Triple Tap CCW Prometheus 407mm/EdGI 425mm Tightbore HS5 R-Hop Z-Kit SHS/Super Shooter 16:1 Gear Set SHS 9mm Bearings (and only SHS, don't want the KA set) KWA/G&P M4 Selector Plate 25mm Flashlight Mount (nothing too fancy) Tan 1-Point Bungee Sling Tan Hydration Backpack (I like CamelBak, Pantac, OETech) And without further ado, onto the sale. 1. BNIB JG MP5A4 - $75 Shipped Background/Info: Got it in a mystery box, tested it out, put it back in the box. Never brought on a field, and never opened up. Just about the entire thing is plastic/polymer. Comes With: 3 Plastic Midcaps, generic wall charger and 8.4v 1100mAh battery, small pack of .20g BBs Upgrades/Mods: N/A Notes/Issues: N/A 2. KWC Desert Eagle .50AE - $40 Shipped Background/Info: This was one of the first guns I ever got. It's about 7-8 years old, but still works like a champ. Has a plastic frame and slide (with full trademarks), and metal controls (I.e. safety, slide catch, etc.). Comes With: One 25Rd. (green gas) mag, speed loader Upgrades/Mods: Moondog O-Ring on the fill valve Notes/Issues: Some minor scratches and wear as you'd expect. Nothing cracked or missing. 3. Franken CA G36C - $200 (TTW) Background/Info: Got a boneyard JG G36C and got it working. Bought a complete CA external set and blended it with the JG gearbox. Comes With:One 470Rd. Hi-Cap Mag BattleAxe M4 Magwell Docter Sight NOT INCLUDED Upgrades/Mods: Externals:Ares Flat Top Rail TM Handguard Rail/Sling Mount Generic VFG (it's honestly a POS) Element AAC QD Flash Hider and Suppressor (I widened the suppressor opening a little due to a manufacturing issue) Internals: SHS Nozzle SHS Cylinder Head Scatterplot 40D 3/16" Sorbo Pad SHS Aluminum Bearing Piston Head Systema M120S Spring SHS Bearing Spring Guide SHS Gen2 13:1 High Speed Gear Set (I'll include a spare non-SHS bevel) SRC Ultra Torque Motor SHS(?) Plastic Hop-Up 363mm Tightbore (unknown make and bore :P) Notes/Issues: Has a slight compression issue between the nozzle and hop-up. It's worse with the BattleAxe adapter. Motor cage isn't quite same spec as gearbox. Works, but if you're a perfectionist lol. Highly recommend a new switch assembly or re-wiring. Also recommend some nice 7mm bearings to pair with the 13:1 gears. 4. Like-New OETech Quick Release Plate Carrier (Tan) - $70 Selling this for a friend. He just got it a week ago, but found out it's uncomfortable to shoulder his gun with it on. Never took it out on a field, and only mounted a couple pouches on the front (hence the fraying). 5. ACM MARPAT Desert BDU (Small-Regular Blouse and Trousers) - $15 Pretty good condition, I don't believe there are any tears or stains. 6. ACM AR FastMag x3 (Tan) - SOLD Two of the "pouches" with the MOLLE ears were shaved a little for fitment. 7. G&P Aimpoint L-Mount - SOLD 8. YHM 227A 1/2" Scope Riser - $20 9. Matrix 30mm Dual Ring Scope Mount - $10 10. UTG 25mm Low-Profile Scope Rings - $5 11. WA M4 Front Sight Post - $3 12. WA M4 Front Sling Mount - $3 13. Mic Tactical LaRue RISR - $10 Thanks for looking! Feel free to PM me for more details, pictures, etc.
  6. Bump Few things sold off. Keep sending offers guys EDIT: Can someone actually confirm what brand the MP5 is? JG or CYMA?
  7. Just going to start off with some general info/rules: Located in Newbury Park, CA 91320 I prefer PayPal, though I may consider money orders Prices are NOT set in stone, but don't lowball me Shipping is NOT included in the prices Please PM me, don't just leave a post saying "PM me" If you need further info, pics, or even videos just ask Here's a few trades I might take: Tan MICH 2001 or FAST Helmet w/ at least ARC rails; NVG mount would be nice Tan 1-Point Bungee Sling 1" Flashlight Mount Black Magpul PTS M-Revision PMAGs Black Magpul PMAG Ranger Plates Motor Pinion Tool TM-Compatible G18C GBB Upgrades/Accessories New/Like-New ESS Profile NVG Clear Lens And without further ado, let's get to the sale. Oh, and I apologize for the picture quality, the lighting wasn't really optimal. Thanks for looking! http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220272.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220276.jpg 1. BNIB CYMA M5-A4 - $90 INFO: Got this last week out of an Evike mystery box. Fired a couple shots to make sure it works, then popped it back in the box. COMES WITH: Metal hi-cap mag, manual, cleaning rod, 8.4v battery and wall charger, and a small bag of BBs http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...0823_103818.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...0823_103952.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...0823_104337.jpg 2. KWC Desert Eagle .50AE - $40 INFO: About 5-years-old, but in good condition. Has some wear here and there, as well as some minor scratches. But still fires like a champ, and the mag doesn't leak at all. It's completely plastic except for metal controls. Does have full trademarks though. COMES WITH: 25Rd. Mag and speed loader http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220280.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220283.jpg 3. JG G36 Body - SOLD Almost a complete G36 in terms of core parts, but lot of missing screws. So long story short, the RAS is really what you're buying, unless you happen to need replacement parts. Will come with the PPA M4 magwell adapter, which has been modified (by the original owner) for a SRC metal hop-up (also included). And the suppressor was a polishing experiment, hence the reason it's silver underneath the shroud. http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220285.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220287.jpg 4. Stripped CA G36 Lower - SOLD 5. Complete KJW G23 Lower (OD) - $20 6. ACM Magpul UBR Stock (Black; comes with everything shown) - SOLD http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220289.jpg7. ACM LaRue LT649 FTS Mount - SOLD 8. YHM 227A 1/2" Scope Riser - $20 9. Leapers 1" Low-Profile Scope Rings - $5 10. NCStar USP Rail Adapter - $5 http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220222.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220226.jpg 11. Madbull XM108HP 40mm Shell - SOLD Very lightly used, and properly maintained when it was. No leaks, and most of the external damage was from being dropped on concrete the day I got it :P http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj85/af...un/P1220293.jpg12. Condor Closed-Top Double M4 Pouches x4 - NO LONGER FOR SALE On the separated pouch, the elastic band was cut by the original owner. Still holds the mags fine, but may be a looser fit. Beyond that, the rest I bought myself and are in good condition.
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