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  1. Bump Propane adapter, 9ball, nicks hop arm, and laylax piston sear are sold.
  2. Bump, only taking offers on the vsr...
  3. Thanks for looking at my thread, first the rules: 1. All sales are final. I am a pretty reasonable guy and if something goes terribly wrong, we can probably work something out. All refunds and returns are up to me. 2. All prices do not include shipping. 3. I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone. No trades. 4. Prices are not set in stone. Please feel free to PM me an offer. I will answer any questions I can. 5. Paypal is accepted along with money orders. 6. You must agree to these terms to buy from me. If you have any special requests, PM me. Here she is. All of the internals are TM VSR-10. The only thing that isn't VSR is the outer barrel and receiver, those are from a USR-11. I kept the USR parts because they worked more smoothly than my g-spec receiver and barrel (much smoother bolt pull). Other than that it is all upgrades and VSR. Here is what is inside: k2 complete sear set: pin, trigger sear, piston sear (k2 is the smoothest sear set I have yet to use), PDI palsonite cylinder set (this has been through thousands of rounds, but is still in pretty good shape), Laylax 6.03mm barrel, and nicks hop arm. As far as externals there is the TM rail ready for mounting a scope and the CA m24 stock (Solid, heavy stock... More solid than my old tanaka m24). Now, the stock conversion is not finished, as you can see in the picture. I have done enough to fit the gun in but it still needs to have the mag well made a little bigger, a slot cut for hop adjustment, and have the mag catch cut and cannibalized to fit the m24 stock and whatever other adjustments need to be made. This has been done many times before by others on Arnie's and I may finish it if I can't find a buyer willing to do the work. I am in collage now, so my time is pretty limited. I have a lot of other random parts: USR cylinder VSR cylinder 2x Firefly (soft) hop buckings Stock USR bucking (not pictured) 9ball bucking (not pictured) Stock sear sets laylax piston sear (not pictured) Spare PDI HD piston USR trigger mech Few stock pistons and guides USR cylinder head USR stock (green) VSR stock (brown) Kinda beat up with tiny chip next to safety, would look new with sandpaper and paint. USR hop block Madbull propane adapter (has valve for silicone drip) Bunch of random 7mm and 9mm springs VSR sling mounts Spare Nicks hopup arm Pics: Looking for $500 for the VSR, but feel free to make any offer. The worst that could happen is I say no. Offer up on any of the other items. Thank you for your time.
  4. Okay, if you are interested in fixing it to make it more valuable. Inside the bolt there is a guide rod and a striker spring. If you take out those two flathead screws on the bottom of the bolt, it will expose the guide rod (which is also tightened with a flathead driver). I would try tightening that guide rod, and maybe checking out the striker spring (the spring is probably fine). *Important* Before you tighten the guide rod there is a small hex screw in the back of the bolt near the handle. This screw hugs the threads of the guide rod, so messing with the guide rod without loosening the hex screw may strip the guide rods threads. Try that and see if it works. I think it is most likely linked with the low fps.
  5. Sold and shipped to Taeseonkim1106!
  6. Bump=Bring Up My Post TTT=To The Top SPF=Sold Pending Funds I think I remember you, your amount was too low.
  7. SPF to Taeseonkim1106! He more waiting on me to tell the truth...
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