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  1. Clinton Twp./Mt. Clemens area. Not really a ton of airsofters around here, just me and 2 of my friends. I post on MiA every once in awhile, and hopefully will be able to attend a few events this spring/summer.
  2. Ugh, currently having the same problem with my JG M4 RIS. There is a small hex screw on mine near the threads, you may want to check for that; although I have already removed it on my flash hider, and the damn still won't come off. It seems to be superglued on, so much that I'm afraid to force it off because I don't want to damage the rest of the gun. Tried lubricant and everything, it just won't come off.
  3. mark1128


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be around 3 joules of energy? Like in the area of 700fps with a .2?
  4. I'm pretty sure that the front sight was removed in COD4 when you had a scope on the gun (at least on the M4). Looks great though! And BTW, you get the Gold AK by completing all of the Assault Rifle challenges in Multiplayer. Namely, 150 headshots with each one.
  5. Is that a pistol, a shotgun, or a rifle? Seriously though, it looks incredible! Wouldn't want to go up against that on the field. Great job!
  6. I'd like a gas powered, full metal, M1014.
  7. Poweredge is 115 for the TM Hi Capa, plus $10 flat rate shipping. If you buy BBs or gas though, shipping will depend on package size/weight. ASGI is free shipping no matter what you buy (over $100). You'd have to calculate it and find out for yourself which is cheaper.
  8. Just one, my Airsoft Elite Homeland Defender. Had some problems with the hammer that got worse and worse. It was full metal, and broke in a couple of months; although the problems started almost immediately. I think I just got a lemon though, because I've read some good reviews on them.
  9. Great review! I would have picked one up if I hadn't already gotten my JG M4 RIS when it came out. Anyway, how much was shipping from Gunner and how long did it take?
  10. Mostly I just save my $5 allowance. I Ebay once in awhile, but not a ton. This summer I'll start cutting grass for some extra cash; gotta start saving for a car.
  11. Well if you want the entire slide to be black, do what the first person said and get some krylon flat black. But I would just repaint the whole slide (after taking it off of course). That way the end of it won't be a different shade. You also might want to give it a coat of primer before painting because I believe the slide on the KWA Glocks is aluminum, and primer will make the paint stick better.
  12. Well, I used to be a big Bond fan, but not so much anymore. That was really why it caught my eye. But propane is really more convienent for me than 134a, and I think I need something with a bit more range and power.
  13. Thanks for the help, it doesn't look like either pistol will be a part of my next purchase....
  14. After reading many reviews on this gun, I am almost ready to buy it. But through all of those reviews, there was one thing that bugged me. Half of them said that this one can run on Green Gas/Propane, and that the standard Maruzen PPK/S can't. The other half of the reviews said not to use propane in either of them. So I came here for the answer. Can anybody with the Maruzen PPK/S Movie Prop Edition let me know if it won't destroy itself on propane? P.S. I am also considering the standard Maruzen P99 (GBB Version). Any word on its durability with propane would be nice too.
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