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  1. Hey guys, My air shaft collar slipped and gouged the shaft tube. The gouging is pretty shallow, but the set screws are stripped and I'm stuck thinking of ways to fix it, excepting buying a new air shaft and collar (don't even know where I'd get one to be honest). I was thinking of repairing the gouges with a thin sleeve of aluminum and packing it with JB weld, and then either welding the collar in place or finding a new collar piece at Home Depot or the likes. Will these solutions work well enough? I don't know much about what happens in the shaft itself, so that's why I'm asking.
  2. Yup, it is. I rarely check ASF, so, sorry for the late response.
  3. Hey guys, Listed this a few times but I've never really received solid hits on it, plus I've always ended up wanting to keep it. Unfortunately I no longer can. Screw college Imma be homeless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZnvthY9qII...eature=youtu.be ^ Recoil demonstration at 155 PSI Sun Project M16A2 Carbine + thirteen or so magazines (TM 68 rounders; most feed well). -Full steel BGC from AS4L -Revised Airshaft (Does not require 3rd o-ring mod to airswitch valve) -Upper receiver flat-top mod from AS4L -Classic Army RIS unit -Heavy recoil weight from AS4L -Revised inner barrel alignment and retention similar to that of an Escort MP5s. -Adjustable hopup -Tightbore inner barrel (Prometheus GBB cut) -Steel outer barrel -Bolt stop kit -GG&G agency sling adapter -Real tac stock with CAA saddle -ARMS#40 rear flip-up sight replica -KAC front flip-up sight replica (Not pictured) -PRI tac-latch (Charging handle) -Daytona Gun Bucking (forewarning, still in break in period) Can include air rig for extra. Looking for around $640 and shipping
  4. Appears I've lost my edit function. Disregard, fixed it; barrel was not seated fully back, BB feed tube on the hop up chamber needed to be dialed lower, for future reference.
  5. Hi guys, I own a Sun Project M16A2, been having a lot of issues with it as of late. The recoil system functions fine, but the loading and firing is sporadic at best. With zero hop applied, a good third of the rounds fired zing off or roll out of the barrel (I'm assuming the rolling is due to the lack of hop). By 'zing off' I mean they curve twenty feet out of the barrel at a surprising right angle. Switching to a high cap seemed to alleviate some of these problems, but I don't and can't use high cap mags in game. It also tends to jam sometimes. I was thinking of shaving off a few millimeters of the loading shaft (I don't know what it's called, but it's the brass air nozzle sticking out the forward end of the bolt) to see if I could solve the inconsistent feeding, but I am hesitant to take such drastic measures since it should be fine. I run it at 150 or so PSI as that seems to be the sweet spot for trigger response and loading -- below 140, maybe half of the shots cycle the bolt far enough back to load another BB. I have tried a wide variety of BBs to no avail. My regular mid cap are TM 68 rounders with extended followers, but I have also tried MAG midcaps and CA high caps (the high cap feeding the best). I have sent it off to a classic tech to what seemed to be no avail, as it was returned to me firing much the same as it was when I sent it off. Is this thing doomed to become a wall hanger or is there something I'm missing?
  6. Hey guys, Looking for an M82/M107 for a gas project. Don't really give a hoot what internals you have, you can keep your gearbox if you want. All I need is the barrel/hop up and all internal mounting hardware.
  7. Nevermind, solved it. Turns out Palmer's had forgotten to put enough adjustment plates beneath the screw.
  8. Hey guys, Recently I was having trouble with my Palmer's stabilizer (Regulator pressure would steadily increase with no input variation from me), so I figured I'd just get a new one in, no big deal, yadda yadda. However, this new regulator just plain won't accept any air whatsoever. I screwed in a full tank all the way, and despite playing with the adjustment screw, the gauge stayed at 0 PSI. I checked and there's no blockage that I can see, so, what the heck is going on?
  9. Yes, G&G and CA M14 magazines will only fit in G&G and CA M14s.
  10. Don't get defensive. If you're counting individual springs, washers, shims, and other such parts that compromise larger parts (IE the spring guide's washers and bearing disc, which are very, very rarely purchased separately, not to mention the very slim chance of them ever breaking), then yes, you're correct. However, I think we can agree that counting the three discs, plastic mount, screw, o-ring, and body of the piston head as seven parts, or the multiple plates that compromise the trigger unit is a bit ridiculous. At this point, you're nitpicking. The chances of any of these parts breaking is extremely low - I've literally never seen a broken tappet spring, or a broken trigger spring. Again, you're nitpicking. If you do in fact have a more in-depth presentation... Given that you took ten minutes to explain an extremely simple concept, I'd be worried about the audience simply getting bored and walking off.
  11. Battery Wiring Selector Plate Trigger Contacts Trigger Bridge Trigger Safety Bar Semi Auto Disconnect Motor Pinion Gear Bevel Gear Spur Gear Sector Gear 6 Bushings/Bearings Anti-reversal Latch Tappet Plate Air Nozzle Spring Spring Guide Piston Body Piston Head Cylinder Cylinder Head Mechbox Hop up Unit Hop rubber Hop nub Barrel That was my list for internal parts of the average replica. Twenty-eight parts, but I may be missing some. Your presentation is well enough, however your understanding of content is not. Further, you're reiterating an already well-constructed system (See Daytona Gun, Escort, Asahi, Sun Project, Kokusai, JAC, etcetera). You seem to be basing your entire presentation on your experience with one $200 replica, and while price doesn't always factor into quality, it is fairly widely-regarded that you pay for what you get. Further (and this is an assumption), you did not perform any preventative maintenance as is recommended for any mass produced product. In addition, you've failed to grasp the concept that airsoft is commonly thought of as a military simulation, hence the very realistic designs - I can think of maybe a handful that would purchase your design, at most. Your presumptions are baseless, presenting little to no factual evidence as to inherent construction flaws of the current AEG mechbox design, rather playing on the assumption that you do, in fact, know what you're talking about. All in all, I would be extremely, extremely hesitant to display this at any science fair. I would suggest getting a new microphone, as well.
  12. Hey guys, Looking for an M60E4, ideally an MK43 but considering the rails can be difficult to find, I don't expect one of them. Internal work isn't required or even looked for, as I'll be pulling the gearbox entirely. Must have barrel/hop-up and all external parts, you get what I'm looking for.
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