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    I love music. I am currently studying music education at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas. I play the euphonium as my principal instrument, as well as bass guitar, marimba and singing on the side. I can't get enough of music and it's my number one passion in life. Number two...is airsoft! :)

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    JG G36c (upgraded, getting more upgrades soon) G&G Sportline M16a2 UTG m324 (hoping to upgrade it with EdGI parts when I get the money) Spring Shotgun, also called "Old Reliable." Hasn't failed me yet. Plethora of spring guns
  1. Haha. That would be minimal. But also too impractical for me. Agreed about the semi vs. auto thing as well as the idea that sometimes alot of rounds are needed. I'm not asking you to agree with my ideas, just that you know what they are and where I am coming from in looking for a shotgun. I have built my "dream" AEG before. It was awesome, but now I'm looking for something different, and I think the shotgun will fulfill that role.
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I have found my solution to the problem. I really like the Maruzen CA870 Charger, but I never liked how low the fps was. 300 is fine for Japan, but when competing against AEGs here, you definitely need something more. After researching a bit more, I found out you can cut down an APS spring and fit it in there. Someone did this and got a good 350 fps out of it. I think that's a respectable difference, and one I can definitely live with. Plus, maybe I can experiment and get a bigger spring, raising it up to 400 or so. I just worry a little bit about the internals holding up at that velocity. Though I haven't heard of anyone's internals dying. Also, I want a tightbore down the line. I know the guys at EdGI are really friendly. I think I might be able to ask them to make me a custom barrel, or maybe they could start producing them for everyone else who wants one. I'm sure there are a few people who would love to pick one up, since there are no others available. Anyways, I really like the TM shogun, but I want a little more power, which the Maruzen can give. Maybe one day down the line I can pick up a TM as well. Have the best of both worlds that way. Input? Ideas? Suggestions? For anyone that doesn't understand my philosophy, here it is: minimalism. I use minimalism in many respects. Why do you need an AEG with a rof of 20 BBs/second? You could be wasting 200 rounds or more to hit one guy. Seems like a waste to me. Wouldn't it be better and more satisfying to take out a guy with maybe 10 shots or hopefully less? That's my thinking. Plus, I won't have to worry about gas, batteries, anything like that. Just pick my gun up, load the magazines and play. And they are rugged as all get out.
  3. That's kinda what I'm going for actually. I hadn't thought about simulating the range of a shotgunner role though. Might be fun. I would definitely use a multi-barreled shotgun for that. Seems like everything shotgun related is out of stock nowadays though. Don't know whats up with that. Thanks Arrowana for providing me that link to the Echo1. I'm pretty sure that's the only one I have ever seen in stock anywhere since I started looking.
  4. Hey everyone. I want to get away from AEGs and move towards something more simple and practical. A shotgun seems to fit that bill, as I have extremely fond memories of my old one. That thing has been through hell and sill works. Shoots pretty accurately too. So, a shotgun seems to fit my description, but I just cant find one that id decent and able to be acquired. Here are the specs I am looking for in a shotgun: Spring operated Has some sort of magazine Good velocity for playing in the woods (I don't do CQB) That's about it. The only shotguns I have found that fit the bill mostly are the Maruzen CA870 Charger and TM Tri shot M3 Super 90. But, both are hard to find. I don't think I have found a TM in stock yet. The maruzen I can find, but the mags, nope. So that puts me in a bit of a conundrum. Plus, both those guns shoot about 300 fps. I need something faster if I want to keep up with those AEGs. Also, there is the CAW shotgun. It would be perfect for me. But, I'm pretty sure it's discontinued. Too bad, seeing as it would be the perfect gun for me. Anyhow, anybody have any suggestions/ideas?
  5. In a search for something a bit more minimalist and...simple, I am looking to get away from all AEGs. I was looking to originally go with shotguns, but due to very few offerings of quality, and even less in a reasonable price range (I am trying to be fairly economical as well), I am now looking at bolt action rifles. I'm not trying to be a sniper (I don't like that pesky 100 ft minimum engagement distance to use sniper velocities). I just want something reliable and accurate, something that doesn't require batteries or gas to function. So, I arrive at spring rifles. Like everyone else ever, I was thinking of going with the JG BAR 10. It's been awhile since I have been back in airsoft, are there any new rifles that have been deemed good, reliable platforms? The only upgrades I am looking into are the minimum ones to get my fps up to 400, as well as some accuracy upgrades like a tightbore, and new bucking. Of course, I'll fiddle with the internals a bit to get the most out of my set up (shim hop up, teflon tape, etc.) Anyways, what I want to get from you guys is what you think of the idea. You guys go out there against AEGs all the time. Is it possible for someone to be out there with a 400 fps BA rifle putting up a good fight?
  6. Hey guys. When I was first looking into an airsoft pistol it was awhile ago and WE didn't have a very good reputation. But now I have heard they have picked up their product quality. Can anyone attest to this? I was looking into getting one of their Desert Warrior 4.3 pistols and I just wanted to hear from anyone who has any experience with this pistol, or any other new WE 1911 model in that case, since they'll all be fairly comparable. It's either this gun or a KWA USP. I am just kinda worried that with the NS2 system the KWA has will shoot a little too hot for my field (pistols have to shoot less than 350), also, the Desert Warrior seems like a great deal so I am kinda leaning towards that one at the moment. Anyways, thanks for your input!
  7. I am aware there is a thread like this just a little bit down the page. However, it is closed so I can't post in it. Basically what I am looking for is some input on which pistol to buy. I like the looks of both, though I must say the tan Mark II does look a little better to me than the USP Tactical. But looks aren't everything. I just wanted to hear from any users of either of these guns (or the regular USP 45) what they like abut their gun and what they don't like. How is the kick on both models? Anything anyone can contribute would be greatly appreciated. I'm finally going to lay down the money for a nice side arm and I want to make sure I make the right choice. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks guys for the reassurance. The motor has been running fine so far. I was so scared I burnt out the motor, especially since it is a G&P M160. But thankfully, it seems to be just fine.
  9. So, last night I rewired my AUG, and I did almost everything just fine. When I finally put the last Deans plug on, I guess I was just rushing and I accidentally put the wires on the wrong way. So when I plugged the battery in and pulled the trigger I heard a weird noise like the motor trying to pull but couldn't. I pulled the trigger about 10 times before I realized my mistake. I immediately stopped and unplugged the battery. Then I opened the butt plate and found a little bit of smoke coming out the back of the gearbox. That kinda freaked me out. I then unsoldered and resoldered the Deans the right way. When I rewired it the right way and fired the gun, it fired just fine. What I want to know is, did I do any lasting damage to the motor or battery? I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake. Hopefully no lasting harm comes of it.
  10. I have noticed the trend lately of people claiming TM barrels are just as accurate as tightbores. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? I have a TM AUG and I was thinking about replacing the barrel with an EdGI. However, if the above claim is true, I guess I don't need to replace it? I don't want to spend all that money on a barrel if it isn't gonna help. My TM barrel doesn't even have a crown. Isn't that kind of integral to accuracy? That kind of makes me question this claim from the get-go, but I want to hear everyone's opinions.
  11. I am currently running standard TM gears with a M120. I know this won't hold up, which is why I am looking for the replacement gears. I think I will just suck it up and buy the Guarder gears. The IFTU gears I had by Guarder were amazing. They looked like they could take quite the beating. So, I will put my faith in them instead of taking the risk of Elements. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  12. I am simply looking for a functional gearset in a 400 fps setup running at probably around 18rps. Will the Element gears hold up just fine for me? I am kind of on a budget and I wouldn't like to spend the extra money on some more expensive gears like Guarder if the Element's will perform just fine. From what I hear, they seem to be of pretty good quality, especially for the price. But I was hoping to maybe hear from some people who personally run them in their guns.
  13. Hey guys. I have decided that I wanted to turn my once DMR back into a standard rifle. So I was wondering if it would be okay to just continue using the high torque G&P M160 motor with a lower spring to get 400 fps? Are there any disadvantages or problems that may arise from doing so? If so, what are they? Should I try and sell the motor and get a more suitable one like a TM EG1000?
  14. Hey guys. so I have a TM Piston Head that required some force for me to get off. I tried the conventional way of twisting the piston head off the body and it didn't work. So anyways, I'm wondering if the piston head is still usable. Here is a pic: I know its kind of blurry, but I think you can get the general jist. Basically there is a little circle in the middle of the piston head that I had to cut open to get to the screw that holds the piston head on. Will this affect the performance of the piston head? I kind of think no, but I want some other opinions. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys. I am looking to build a fairly high ROF gun (somewhere in the 20-23 bps range at 400 fps) to use as basically a workhorse/support gun. Something that can just keep on going. So, would a small type 10.8v get me this with a G&P M120 motor, or would it maybe give me too high of a rate of fire? Would I just be best to stick with a 9.6v? I am looking at elite 1500 mah cells with Deans.
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