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  1. sweet ICS brand and everything! just what I need to throw on my ICS m4 How about that site though? Is it reliable? I have never heard of it before/
  2. The topic title says it all. I have a peq2 box right now but it only houses my 9.4 battery and I was just wonderining if there was one that doubled as a laser/ battery combo? And if there is could ou please send me a link to it? Thanks for any help.
  3. The topic title says it all. I have a peq2 box right now but it only houses my 9.4 battery and I was just wonderining if there was one that doubled as a laser/ battery combo? Thanks for any help. Edit: posted in wrong forum please delete I will re-write it in upgrades/mods
  4. Awsome guys thanks once again. But do any of you know wether or not I could attach the CA crane to it sonce those are ics's?
  5. Yeah thats what I was thinking. I was trying to find an m4 with a fixed stock but my attempt failed. Is there such thing?
  6. thanks so much guys. The CA would be perfect except I don't like the shorty barrel/RAS. But if thats the only option ill buy it and upgrade. But if anyone knows about the crane on an ics I would love to hear about it. Thanks again.
  7. Okay well I just went to my first real cqb at SAC in Atlanta yesterday and it was awsome. After seeing everyone elses gun I figured I really wanted to make my own Really Cool CQB gun. Ive always loved m4's so that is what I am going to stick to. After thinkin about all my options externally I decided I need a full r.a.s. and a crane stock so I don't have to have the unatractive PEQ2 box on the front and so I don't waste a rail. However I have ran into mannnyyy problems while trying to find this ideal gun of mine. Are there any m4's that come stock with a crane? First and probably most importantly how am I ever going to get an m4 that has wires running out of the back instead of the front so they can get to the crane? Maybe somone knows where a guide is that shows how to put on a crane stock? I don't want to have to drill or use power tools to mod it. Next thing is that I have and ICS m4 that has decked out internals and has a full ras on it but I can not find a crane stock to fit an ics to save my life. They don't have the tube that you would normally find on the back of a TM that you can slide the crane stock's/ collapsable stock over. Is there any company that makes cranes for ICS? And last what kind of battery could I fit in this CA stock? http://www.airsplat.com/Itemdesc.asp?CartI...amp;eq=&Tp= And coul you send me a link to a battery that would fit that is at least a 9.2? Thanks so much and I hope you can help cause I am about to loose it trying to figure how I can do this. I tried to make this as clear as possible but if you need anymore info please just ask and I will post in thread.
  8. Thats the main problem I have. I have no idea what kind of gun it is. I am pretty sure the base gearbox started off as an AIM m4, so the actual metal gearbox casing would be an AIM.
  9. would high speed gears even make the gun go any faster? I mean I figured that they are used just so a high speed motor doesnt stip them no necessarily to improve the guns ROF by just themselves. I already have an eg1000 but I defiantley don't get near 25 bbs which would be ideal. And thanks for letting me know about how I don't need the torque up cylinder set.
  10. Okay well I want to put a systema turbo motor in my gun and make it good for cqb, so I will probably run a m90. I don't want to be shooting an insane amount like 30 bbs+++, 20-25 would be fine for me. Would stock metal gears hold up to the systema motors torque? And I plan on buying a new air seal nozzle, a spring guide, a bore up cylinder set, and a polycarb piston. Would this stuff keep up with the motor? would I need anything else? would I maybe not even need some of the stuff I am buying. thanks alot.
  11. Okay so I am going to take down my gearbox and throw some new parts in it. But I need to put in a new wiring assembly. http://store.matrixbb.com/servlet/-strse-2...-Silicon/Detail Will that wiring assembly work for both a fixed stock where the wires run to the back and a collapsable (sp) stock where the wires run to the front. and if they do is there room in a gearbox that was made with the wires going to the front toward the collapsable stock to change it to go toward the back in a fixed stock because I cant stand having my battery up front. I mean is there a whole on the back of the gearbox so that the wires can go out the back even thought hey where designed to go out the front. Thanks.
  12. The ones that come off of the walmart guns are way too weak and it cost about 50 bucks to get the gun that comes with it. and that aurora 101 is supposed to be about 50 to 60 bucks plus its got awsome power plus and sweet looks so im all for spending a little extra.
  13. Hey everybody. I am not sure if this is the right forum to post about flashlights but since it said anythign to help you see your target in the forum description this is where I decided to post. Okay, the question is does anyone know where I can find the fairly new ics aurora 101 flashlight? http://www.icsbb.com/news/e_news_main.asp?id=106 And if you have the time maybe somone would know where I could the mount that holds the flashlight onto the m4 in the pic on the previously listed link. Thanks alot and good luck airsofting, The Shooter
  14. Update! gun makes no noise at all now. I have recharged the battery and it still does not work. I have tried messing with the thing below the motor with nos uccess so it must be an internal error. I can take apart the gun no problem so if somone would give me some suggestions on what the probelm is and how to fix it id greatly appriciate it. Thanks and good luck airsofting
  15. haha yes I agree but my freind doesnt want to wait 2 weeks for the gun to get back instock at asgi so he went ahead and spent 70 extra bucks =p.
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