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  1. That looks great!....... that´s exactly what I want, any particular advice about the step by step procedure??...... (because my stock is on its way now) thanks in advance.
  2. Well....... with a little googleing I found THIS: Archangel stocked WE M14 That´s what I want....... If he did it, I will too. Getting the stock ASAP.
  3. Alright..... Thanks. So I guess I am cleared to expend the money..... If at first it doesnt fit I will dremell it until it does. Thanks for the answers. BTW.... please take a look at this...... Archangel M1A Precision Stock. I saw it yesterday and it got me crazy. It may not "improve a RS gun´s accuracy", as many people say to critizice it, but it is for an airsoft gun..... so..... WTH!. I think I will go for this one instead.
  4. Greetings. I like pimping my guns. Right now I have a We M14 that has been pimped as far as I could....... I installed a King Arms Ras, and M25 flashhider, appart from the bipod thingie to fit the Harris bipod, etc.... It looks rather nice, BUT!!!!..... You know your gun never looks right enough, so I tried to make my old AEG M14 G&P DMR stock fit in the WE M14..... FAIL! I tore the stock apart trying to do so, so now im OBSESSED!!!..... WE is not doing much to provide us with Nice Different stocks, and right now I don't want a SAGE EBR conversion kit.... I just want a M25 like DMR stock. I found it and I have it in sight, but.... before expending 450 bucks, I would like to know if RS stocks fit the WE M14 (as I almost certainly read somewhere else). Does anyone know for sure?.... Thanks for your advice.
  5. Cyma AKS74U AEG. -Madbull 6.02 tightbore -China made RIS (surprisingly good) -side rail and 4 reticle sight. hope you like it.... (pimping my new WE AKS74U..... pics of it as soon as it gets pimped)
  6. Here´s my G36. WE G39 RAS -500 fps upgraded nozzle. (more mods to come this week). I hope you like it.
  7. OK.... Here are my DMR´s. A&K M16 SPR mod 0 -Matrix m150 8mm bushings lipoly ready gearbox -Prometheus 500 mm 6.02 tightbore -Madbull Illuminated Hopup chamber -Madbull "BLUE" hard hopup bucking -RS Magpul PRS adjustable stock. -King Arms Sniper type Handgrip. WE M14 DMR (pimped as M25). -500 fps upgraded Nozzle. -King Arms M14 RAS. -M25 Flashhider. -Harris bipod. (I wish WE or Ratech would release a DMR conversion KIT like G&P´s) I hope you guys like them. Both of them work like a charm.
  8. Well, what can I say, you are ok to laugh. You may be the owner of a lemon and I may be the lucky owner of many good ones, think about that. The lemon factor has to be taken into account here. When I say..... upgraded to 500 FPS I mean I changed the NOZZLE, Only that. I havent changed anything else. There are no RATECH steel parts in my guns yet (im not saying I will not need them), but I only get new parts when the other parts get damaged, and after 2 years in some cases, it hasnt happened. As soon as my guns break..... I will get the RATECH steel replacements, you can be sure of it. I was sincere about the AWSS SCAR and what I had to invest in it, but I´m telling the truth about my other guns too. Man, I´m just talking about my personal experience, I will post pics of mi GBBRs so you don't think im just a science fiction writter...lol. Just in case.... I don't have stock investments in WE and they don't pay me for saying this, I mean... im not Paul or something lol. I just talk about my OWN personal experience with WE, as you are. There´s no need to disqualify my post or to call it a "funny story". Regards.
  9. Well..... talking about overkill stuff..... it helps if you use them mostly in semi mode... Im a milsim player so I have trigger discipline as I have to administrate the very limited supply of bbs I get when the game starts. Common average sprayers and prayers usually keep breaking their guns, no matter if they are AEGs or GBBRs.... Full auto stresses the gun faster than semi auto mode. wait till your enemy is impossible to miss.... and then... shoot. Remember, only one bb is more than enough to elliminate any player. If he doesnt go out... Spray the freaktard.
  10. Its reliable, 100% compatible and it will help your stock hinge plate as it has a rubber pad on the back side of the spring guide. It will never break again thanks to recoil strenght. I installed it about 4 months ago , I have shot some thowsands of bbs and it is still there. EDIT!!!!....... HEY!!.... wait a second.... the link youre showing is NOT from the OPEN BOLT Upgrade KIT but from the RATECH AWSS upgrade kit........ its VERY DIFFERENT..... the first, uses the same shooting mechanism of the first SCARs... the AWSS system, only, they reinforced each weak part and they are giving you a new Hopup bucking and chamber and a NPAS to be able to regulate your gas output and so your FPS. The second... I mean: SCAR L Open Bolt conversion KIT Replaces the whole system so not even your old mags will fit your converted Gun. Im talking here about the second kit, I had bought the first one and it was all right, but no AWSS compares with an OB gun... not even with an NPAS. If you´re thinking about upgrading to OPEN BOLT, don't, I repeat.... don't buy that kit you are showing here. Wait till EVIKE has it in stock again or get this from RSOV..... WE SCAR L Open Bolt Conversion Kit. Regards. (End of Edit). Second EDIT. OMG!.... it got out of stock in front of my very eyes in RSOV as well...... Ok man... google for it.... im sure you will find one in stock. Try Airsoft buddy ... they may have it. End of edit.
  11. Installing any Open Bolt NPAS system on WE guns is quite tricky.... it looks straight forward until you realize you have to actually CUT the NOZZLE to make it fit.... Cutting that plastic thing gives me the creeps!!.... What if I screw it up?.. what if I cut it a little bit more than it needs to be?.... that´s why I have 4 WE open bolt guns , but I haven´t installed the NPAS on any one of them. There are actually very good videos on youtube about Open Bolt NPAS installing (look for the WE M14 NPAS install Video) and many written tutorials as well.... but the joy ends when they say.... "now, I had to cut the nozzle here and here in order to make my new NPAS fit... you just cut it a few mmts"... I understand you ordered the thing so.... I´m not saying it is impossible.... if you want to do it, then go on!!.... the worst thing that could happen, is you ruining the freakin nozzle, but then... they sell them and they don't cost that much.... EVIKE sells many nozzles for many WE systems, both stock and upgraded to 500fps, and they don't go above 30 bucks. Good luck with your NPAS installing , and...... if you achieve your goal, please let us know. (maybe I will get npas for my ob guns too) redards.
  12. I currently own..... WE SCAR L open bolt system...... upgraded to Open Bolt because it was an AWSS. WE M14 open bolt system..... upgraded to 500 fps. WE G39 RAS open bolt system...... upgraded to 500 fps. WE AKS74UN open bolt system.....stock. All of them are working like a charm, and I Reaaaaally use them .... and abuse them. The only one I could complain about is the old AWSS SCAR.... its internals broke thanks to CO2, and I had to buy the RATECH reinforced Kit for the AWSS. it worked from then on.... but... the stock hinge broke thanks to its recoil power, so I had to custom build a duraluminum one, and the problem was fixed. Later on, they released the AWESOME open bolt conversion kit.... I got it, I upgraded the thingie and there it si.... like a million bucks. I will tell you all the SECRET to keep Every GBBR up and Running everytime......(just don't tell anyone)... use it as if it was a RS gun.... clean it and oil every moving part with silicon oil every time you play.... and every two days even if you´re not playing..... NEVER KEEP the gun with a gas loaded mag on.... and ... use GOOD BBS... spherical ones... not crappy cheap bbs that may seem.. "ECHONOMIC" to the budget. Do this and your GBBR will last as mine have... is not a brand thing, I know lots of KWA or G&P owners whose SUPER BRANDED guns have broke before any of mine have.(only the old AWSS SCAR has died on me). This is the same thing that happened when chinese brands started building decent AEG stuff..... TM , Tanaka, king arms, vfc, g&g, g&p, etc owners said they were CRAP because.... HEY!!.... they´re chinese!.. they MUST be Crap (without having even used them). My personal experience has made me love that Brand... I gave them the benefit of doubt and they showed me one fact: Every single GBBR they release is better than their predecessor... they´re constantly evolving. I will buy from them anytime.
  13. Ive personally aquired most of my guns there, with them.... I believe in what that shop (one of the most respected shops in the USA) says, I loved their reviews and I took them as SOMETIMES the ultimate facts to buy a gun or not. I was absolutelly excited when the video started.... I wanted that thing.... I was 100% SURE that they were reviewing the real thing. I felt very bad when I figured out it was an elaborate Hoax. there is people like me who actually believe in them. they should be carefull whith what they do because they have a reputation to care about.
  14. Yep!!!....... it looks similar.... Only.... mine is based on an A&K, not a DBOYS, he hasnt added any barrel extentions as I did and he´s still using the SPR flashhider, not the M25 flashhider im using..... he hasnt needed a readymag device (maybe he broke de magpul stock to make the battery fit)....... aaaaaaah, ok, now I saw the battery pouch!. He hasnt changed the pistol grip either. His internals are stock.... mine are a matrix m150 front wiring lipoly ready gearbox.... (changed the whole thing)... im using a 550mm prometheus 6.03 tightbore and a madbull shark blue 60 degree hard hopup bucking (excellent by the way)..... he has a long way to go before reaching this state, but its alright. We are using two very similar aproaches to an M16 DMR.
  15. Here´s mine....... M16 SPR Mod 0 based on an A&K SPR mod 0 but with maaaany upgrades. I hope you guys like it.
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