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  1. is evergreen still happening? their website hasn't been updated in forever. did they move fields? I had heard they had some problems with the field theywere using. anyone know?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has ordered from them? I have had problems with Evike and Airsplat and was wondering if this was a good alternative. Their prices seem reasonable but good prices don't always mean good service.
  3. You can get the Bioval .27's at Airsoftnw.com. They have them in stock, or did yesterday.
  4. Airsoftnw.com has them in stock. At a good price too. I got some .27's I am going to try out this weekend.
  5. The black one is gone. Still have the silver one and the battery and charger up for sale. $30 for both shipped or maybe a tight bore or PM me a deal.
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