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  1. thanx, lol halo 1 armor. well I startetd on the halo 3 chest armor. to tell you the truth I don't like the armor itself but I just wanted an authentic one, then ill make my custom ones lol You Talkin to me sucka?
  2. I don't think it was the actual bolt that caused it. I accidentily fired while my hands were over the bolt and thats how my fuse blew out and I just didnt touch my gun for a month no my gears are fine, ill go with a polycarb piston how well does a ball bearing spring guide work alone? w/o a ball bearing piston head
  3. from the videos I watched, the thompson has a bad ROF maybe because of a crappy battery, or could be the motor
  4. lol I just read the first 3 posts ok yeah I get it, id do the same if I just want to do realy CRAZY stuff to a gun but if I wanted to make a super airsoft gun... id start with a mpeg
  5. my piston in my TM thompson chipped where I had a groove cut for the Bolt mod so it doesnt catch the bolt anymore so I just stuck it in my closet for a month and never taught anything airsoft related till I relized I cant go w/o it any longer so would a polycarb piston work better than the stock nylon one? also im gonna be using a Systema M120 I need to get a new spring guide regardless since it shattered under a stock spring ( don't know how) how longer more would the stock piston head last with that spring?
  6. instead of getting a lpeg get a mpeg lpegs crap arent compatiable with to many after markets part
  7. a aftermarket spring guide with be a good idea too
  8. if you still have your gun stripped down take out the whole piston w/ head and the cylinder now cover one end of the cylinger by using your hands ( make sure you you have a good seal on it with your hands) and try to pull out the piston JUST the cylinder and piston, not the nozzle head ? whatever its called
  9. a gain in 15 fps will do you nothing, if you really want to upgrade the fps tightbore barrel ball bearing spring guide and piston head a tigther cylinder and that should get you to 350, but if you stil want more, now the new stuff will be able to handle a M120 ( if you installed the above), I don't know how good the gears are or the piston so just use that till one of those do wear down then you can replace it those chinesse guns don't have that great of internals
  10. have you chrono'd your gun? a m100 spirng settles down to 330 fps and according to retailers it already gets 350 unless you want lesser stress, but yeah- re shimming would be good just to be sure
  11. does the M14 spring guide fit the Thompson? and what are the guarder spring guides made of?
  12. your gonna have to ask someone but a tightbore ups my 5-20 fps, a m120 might get over just by a little but thats just by itself youll get where you want it with the m110 and all the other stuff
  13. the combanation of both ball bearing piston head and ball bearing spring guide to work? how much do the polycarb ballbearing piston heads sell for?
  14. man I taught I was good at opening gearboxes but I end up breaking everything, somehow... my piston head doesnt tightend, the piston is chipping, broke my tappet plate, and just recently my spring guide shattered from using a stock TM spring well look at videos to get the idea, Mechbox.com is a good, it might not be the same Version gearbox but its very similar and has the same peices theres actually not that much in the gearbox once you openeded it once or twice. no your not re-doing your gearbox, 3 peices out of 10, 11 peices. it will cost you about 20-30 dollars I cant find ball bearing piston heads on airsoft atlanta they have allunium ones though for 20 dollars and the polycarb ones are 20 on ebay
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