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  1. I tried the Goo Gone after I painted. It worked so well it even got rid of the paint I had put on 2 days before!... I no longer recommend the GooGone method for crayon removal unless you need a paint stripper that smells nice. It did not harm the stock paint, but it took the Krylon Chalkboard paint right off. I do still recommend it for removing the glue from the warning sticker though.
  2. It's been done. Here's a guide: http://unconventional-airsoft.com/2008/06/...h-mod-for-aegs/ It would be good at night when a muzzle flash can be seen easily. Maybe use a different led than blue though. I don't know of any gunpowder that burns blue by itself. Well, I just found a blue muzzle flash... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzzle_flash And I do believe that guns have a muzzle flash. Not as pronounced during the day as in a movie, but it's there.
  3. Tip for removing crayon from trademarks: When you preserve the trademarks with crayon, you can use something like goo gone to remove the crayon afterwards. I tried it and it works very nicely. I think it removes grease as well, so if you do this with your gearbox in the gun it may be worth babysitting it with paper towels to keep it from seeping inside. (It may also make you and your gun smell like citrus for a while also. ) It is safe for both plastic and metal. Can also be used to remove the sticker glue from any stickers that may be removed from the gun. (Who wants a bright, metallic warning label on their magwell? I didn't so I took it off and was rewarded with a large, sticky spot of glue that I thought couldn't get off.) Other tip: It MAY be possible to preserve laser etched trades. I can fill my ICS trades up with a crayon, but I had to use small circles for it to catch. I'll come back with the results when I finally get some paint. Question: Would Krylon's Non-skid paint work well for the foregrip, pistol grip, and stock? I know it says for metal and wood, but could it still be used on plastic?
  4. Slings are nice if you are standing somewhere and don't need to be in a ready position. (Which doesn't happen too often...) I use mine to steady my M4. It does get in the way occasionally, but I just wrap the extra around my wrist. It makes a nice support, but is not entirely necessary. Hope that helps!
  5. I did some measurements and it should fit. length of the foregrip is 5.75 in. and there is a distance of ~.6875 in at the narrowest and ~.75 in at the widest part between the foregrip and outer barrel. shouldnt have a problem with the connector either. if its the wrong type, its an extremely easy fix. (ive done it before if you need instructions. ) Congrads on the ICS M4 choice! I love mine. (im selling it, so im going to be sad soon... ) Someone correct me if my measurements are off please.
  6. You could wear some hunting camo. It doesn't look very profesional, but it works wonders for me. (The fall camo isn't very comfortable in the summer though... ) Doesn't get caught on as much stuff and is typically specialized to the environment.
  7. For filling in the stock, would "great stuff" foam work? It would provide a closer fit since you can spray the inside of the stock with it. The problem with it is that it needs air to solidify and it would prevent you from opening it again.
  8. From what I have read, the limiter is in the nozzle. I've heard about people using a dremmel to drill out the limiter. Could you just buy a replacement nozzle?
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