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    Airsoft, motocross, jetski's (not waverunners), paintball, golf,grillin, and anything that involves me being outside!
  1. Explain the best situtaion you have been in eliminating someone or group for that matter! how many in one skrimish! ex. I have been in a 20vs20 team deathmatch and I alone had taken a group of 8 out with one grenade!( pinned in a single room and surrounded it was great!).
  2. Which is better? Also what company makes the best mic out there?
  3. I went and checked out one of my first guns I had owned and it was a Powerline? was made in Taiwan but it also had some place from the States printed on it too? curious if it is a U.S. gun? I know it originally came from wal-mart and when it was bought it had no orange tip! I believe they had a lawsuit over that gun?
  4. How many iowan players are out there and where are some good local places to find gear, guns, and fields to play at? Fairly new to this and trying to find out if anyone plays hardcore here in iowa? Seems to be all paintball players here (which I do play but like the realism of airsoft more then paintball)
  5. Just Curious to know what others thoughts are on G&P guns of any sort? Are they comparable to TM/CA/ICS? How is the matince compare, how are the components internally? I'm sure this has been posted somewhere else just trying to find out some info on them before I make a purchase.
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