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  1. I am selling my Tanaka M24 SWS. It is a great gun but it is underutilized and I need funds to support other purchases (particularly that Real Sword SVD!). This is probably about as good of an Airsoft Sniper Weapon as you could get. Its gas powered so its not usable in colder weather. However, when it is usable it has an effective range of well over 50 yards. The bolt is smooth and the magazines don't leak. Its heavy, probably not much different than the real thing. Using Green Gas (propane) the gun chronos around 550 fps with 0.29g BBs. I have consistently hit targets the size of a soda can at ranges of up to 175 ft. (with adjusted hop up and no cross wind, from a prone position). The gun can shoot farther than that but not as accurately. Here is a list everything that is included with the gun: Tanaka M24 SWS Tanaka M700/M24 10 round magazine (extra) G&G Power Pack (one on each magazine) G&G Aluminum Outer Barrel and Metal Hop Up (smooth, solid metal) Best Gun Hop Up Set KM TN 6.04 Inner Barrel (587mm) Leapers 3-9x 40mm Illuminated Rubber Coated Scope Harris Ultralight S-Series Bipod (the real thing) T.I.S. M24 Quick Cuff Sling (also the real thing) OE Tech black nylon scope/barrel cover partial package of Maruzen Grandmaster 0.29g BB (about 400 or so left) Krylon Olive Drab Paint Job I'll let you figure out what all that adds up to but needless to say it isn't all that cheap. A lot of the items are real firearms accessories so they are useful for things other than Airsoft shooting. The OD paint job is a good neutral color for camouflage. Here are some pictures: This picture includes everything that is for sale. The gun, as it is now, is undamaged. Some of the OD paint has rubbed of in certain areas, but hardly noticeable. Brand new it was completely black. The original plastic hop up chamber cracked so I replaced it with the metal one that came with the G&G outer barrel. The KM inner barrel is 587mm long, a perfect fit for the stock Tanaka outer barrel (which is hollow aluminum). A longer barrel, such as the 637mm M700 barrel, would probably fit perfectly in the G&G outer barrel. There is a space about 4cm long from the tip of the inner barrel to the tip of the outer barrel. I have noticed no effect on accuracy because of this. The price I'm asking is $585 and that is a steal. This is a fairly expensive gun stock, about $450 brand new. The price of the upgrades and accessories nearly triples that cost. In reality, I'm selling this gun for less than 50% of what its worth. I realize that people aren't made of money and I'm not selling this for a profit. I want to pass it on to someone who'll appreciate and enjoy it. Please contact me via the forum if your interested in buying it. I live in Ballwin Missouri which is a suburb of St. Louis. I will likely use UPS to ship it but I can arrange it another way at the buyer's discretion. I am only accepting payment via Paypal at this time. Thanks, -Matt C.-
  2. I have a Tanaka M24 with a KN 6.04 tight bore barrel, Best Gun Hop Up Kit, and the G&G Power Pack. I use Green Gas and .30g Digicon BBs. When I first received the gun I would get 4-5 inch groups at only 30 ft. (which is the longest shooting line I can set up where I live). In the field it would hit a balloon at 100 ft. about 1 out of 3 shots. It would usually pop the balloon, too. After installing all the upgrades, the accuracy improved. However, it consistently shoots low. The first few shots with a new magazine are dead on target at 30 ft. After that they drop to about 1-2 inches below where I'm aiming. I've tinkered around with the gun and I can't fix this problem. Even with the Hop Up and the scope elevation turned all the way up it still does this. I think something is misaligned but I can't figure out what it is or what to do about it. What could be causing my M24 to consistently shoot low despite adjusting everything accordingly? Thanks, -Matt C.-
  3. I have recently been getting into the sniper role. I received some really good instructions on how to construct a Ghillie Suit and have seen some nice examples that wouldn't be impossible for me to replicate. I've been able to use a good Ghillie Suit with great effectiveness during practice. I have seen how well they work first hand. And, while it seems inevitable that I will build my own, for now I'm not too wild about using a Ghillie Suit. For one, I don't have one yet. They tend to limit my movement and snag a lot of branches and whatnot. I also have some good Multicam gear that I love using. Its been a fairly effective camo pattern for me. So, how much do I absolutely need a Ghillie Suit in order to be an effective sniper? I'd imagine that a Ghillie-less sniper would be more of a DM than a pure sniper. Of course, I have a sniper weapon not a DM weapon but it could work with the right team mates. Also, there is more to being stealthy than just wearing the right camo. I've had success staying concealed using just OD green. Movement, noise reduction, and choosing the right areas for concealment are just as important (if not more so) than wearing the appropriate camouflage. There are also different tactics for snipers to use. Whether part of a two man recon team or as a part of a 4 man fire team a sniper can be useful. If being used to support a larger squad I don't think a Ghillie Suit is necessary. Even for light recon duties I don't think one is necessary as long as you know how to stay hidden. Bottom line is, I don't have a Ghillie Suit right now nor am I rushing to make one and I want to be used as a sniper of some sorts. More than likely, with the people that I play with regularly, I will end up becoming a DM with the weapon and gear that I have. I really like doing recon, too. I've always been a peeping tom of sorts. Also, we rarely have games where a real sniper is necessary or would even fit in. MILSIMs are about the only time when a true sniper could be deployed. Any comments or suggestions on this? Thanks, -Matt C.-
  4. So I got my new CA M15A4 last week and I'm already chomping at the bit to upgrade and modify it. I know there is a huge segment of the firearms industry that is devoted solely to producing acessories for America's favorite black rifle, the AR-15/M-16 and its multiple variants. Likewise, there seems to be a buttload of acessories for this style of Airsoft gun, as well. I'm wondering how many of the real steel AR-15 accessories like rails, lights, buttstocks, etc. will fit on an AR-15 style Airsoft replica. I know parts for a real firearm are usually more expensive than the ones made for Airsoft guns. I also realize that there are a lot of parts that simply won't fit on an Airsoft gun due to the way they work. For instance, you cannot replace the hand grip on my CA M15A4 with anything but a OEM part because that's where the electric motor is. So, trying to replace the hand grip with a real AR-15 hand grip could not happen because the real AR-15 has a plastic hand grip that is not built to hold an electric motor and its wiring. The two guns may be identically scaled, but they are built completely different. That said, I know the buttstocks, hand guards, slings, and many of the "tactical" accessories like rails, lights, lasers, and scopes will probably fit on both a real steel AR-15 and its Airsoft replica as long as the replica is truly built to the specific scale of the real weapon. I would like to get a few upgrades for my CA M15A4 that are not made by any Airsoft manufacturer like tritium sights, a collapsible buttstock with a rubber recoil pad (to prevent slippage not recoil), and single rail for my hand guard. I would even like to be able to replace the CA hand guards with something like a Fobus handguard set but I'm iffy on that because I don't know how much room they would leave for the battery and wiring or if they would even fit right at all. Basically, I want to upgrade my Airsoft gun more like a real steel firearm to improve its ease of use and effectiveness in simulated combat. Does any of what I want to do sound like it would work? Can you replace some Airsoft replica parts with some real steel AR-15 parts? If so, which ones would be the most likely to work? Thanks, -Matt C.-
  5. I'm from the St. Louis area (Ballwin) and I've just started Airsoft. I played my first game a week ago at Gateway Paintball in Earth City. I had to use a loaned weapon and deal with a sharp learning curve. However, I now have my own weapon and a better understanding of the game in general. I'm eager to play a lot more Airsoft since I just got into it and my enthusiasm is through the roof. There is a great forum for St. Louis Airsoft Players. Its definitely worth checking out if you're serious about playing Airsoft in St. Louis. As far as I can tell there are a lot of people in the St. Louis area that are into Airsoft. I don't know exactly how many or how serious most of them are. There were 21 players at the Gateway event last week. Many of them were very into it and obviously knew a lot about the hobby/sport. Right now it looks like a lot of St. Louis players are getting into Vietnam Milsim. They're having an event at Gateway next weekend for it. I'm all for playing some more. Any chance to get out there and have a go at it again would be hard to pass up. -Matt C.-
  6. I'm not sure I'll go for the real thing after all. The scopes I like are around $400 brand new and that's way too much to spend on Airsoft. Its almost too much to spend on a real firearm if you don't actually need it. I will more than likely get an Aimpoint replica or some other replica of a good Red Dot Scope. I just wonder how good they actually are. Oh, and does any body know the type of scope mount that allows the use of iron sights while the scope is mounted? Thanks, -Matt C.-
  7. I've seen a lot of scopes out there marketed for Airsoft. They range from $15 to $100+. This is of course because Airsoft is a simulation of real combat using replicas of real weapons. So, many of the scopes and accessories made to fit on real firearms fit on Airsoft guns. This includes, I'm sure, many of the scopes out there on the market. However, seeing as how so much Airsoft stuff comes from the Far East where copyrights are virtually nonexistent and cheap manufacturing abounds there are plenty of knock off scopes made to look like real, higher quality and more expensive ones. I am looking for a good Red Dot Scope and I'm debating on whether or not to get a real deal one or a cheapy one. I own several real firearms including a few that could use a Red Dot Scope. However, I have no real need for a Red Dot Scope on an actual firearm right now but who knows if I will in the future (for hunting?). I definitely have a need for one in Airsoft and my CA M15A4 would work well with one. I want a scope that functions very well and is durable enough to withstand rough treatment and not break. And yet, I don't want to drop $100+ on a piece of equipment that I'll only use for Airsoft. So, are there any good quality, or semi good quality, Red Dot Scopes out there that cost less than $100? Less than $50? Thanks, -Matt C.-
  8. This is a bit of a threadjack, but I just have one question about Airsoft grenades. What exactly do they do and how effective are they? I've yet to see on in use but I keep hearing about them. I would be tempted to get a SOCOM M203 for my CA M15A4 if they were all that. Thanks, and sorry for the interruption. -Matt C.-
  9. So, after browsing around here for a while I can see that digital camouflage is very popular. That doesn't surprise me since many armed forces around the world are using it, including the US military. I have a full ACU uniform including trousers, coat, patrol cap, boonie hat, desert boots, a PASGT helmet cover, and a MOLLE vest. I even have some of that Camo Form stuff in ACU camo. The US Army's ACU uniform was obviously designed with some consideration of soldier comfort. The built in knee and elbow pads on the trousers and coat are great, even with the simple, one size fits all foam pads I have. The velcro cuffs and collar on the ACU coat are easy to adjust and look snazzy, too. If I had to wear an ACU uniform every day I wouldn't complain. Its actually quite comfortable to work and lounge around in. One thing that bothers me a little about the ACU is the color of the digital camouflage itself. Its been said many places that the "universal" ARPAT camouflage isn't really that good especially in woodland environments where it is too light. And, it is only marginally good in urban and desert/dusty environments where it is currently being used the most. Even though there is criticism I highly doubt the US Army is going to change their uniform any time soon. And, while I personally like the colors of the ACU I wonder if the ARPAT camo scheme is really more of a hindrance than a help in actual or simulated combat. So, for the record I think the physical design of the ACU is great. It is functional and comfortable. The hook and loop patch system has some disadvantages for actual soldiers in the field but its a neat way to make the uniform more universal and easy to modify. It seems the catch phrase for the military these days is "modular" since both their uniforms and their weapons (M-16 weapon system) are easy to modify and customize for different roles. In that regard, and because I like the subdued gray and tan colors, I really like the ACU. And yet, I am also considering getting a new ACU based on a different digital camo scheme like woodland MARPAT. The environment where I would most likely play Airsoft probably doesn't conceal ARPAT very well. Its too light, which is the common criticism of the ARPAT color scheme in general. Since its the physical design of the ACU that I really like the most, I don't have a problem getting a different color camouglage even if it isn't digital. What are your thoughts on the ACU? -Matt C.-
  10. I have several throat mics of various quality and none of them are as clear as a regular boom mic headset. The best throat mic I have is an Iasus Sniper Pro. It has two contact mics and a velcro neck band. Still, if you don't pronunciate your words well and press the mics against your neck it is very difficult to understand you on the other end. I think throat mics are fine as long as they are used for short, direct communication using as few words as possible. They aren't for carrying out long conversations using a lot of complicated, multi-syllable words. I agree with the others, get a headset if you're looking for a more universal communication mic. -Matt C.-
  11. I think my price ceiling for an Airsoft gun would be around $400. I'm not really sure yet because I don't know all that's out there. However, I am definitely not paying as much for an Airsoft gun that I would for an Armalite LEC15A4CB ($1040) or a Bushmaster A2 Carbine ($985). That would be just silly to me. I want a decent gun that is fun to shoot and holds up reasonably well when used outdoors. But, I don't want to go into a total grief spasm if I lose it or damage it somehow. The full metal aspect of an Airsoft gun appeals to me mainly because of the realism compared to an actual firearm. Also, it would seem to me that a metal receiver would be more robust and function better than a plastic one as long as it was properly cared for. Am I wrong about this? At any rate there are obviously plenty of options out there that fit my specifications for an Airsoft gun. I'll consider any brand that has a good reputation and isn't too expensive or hard to get. Thanks again, -Matt C.-
  12. Thanks for the advice. That's pretty much what I'm looking at right now. I want a full metal receiver. That's pretty much the only thing, other than the barrel, that's metal on a real M-4 firearm. I've held a "full metal" Airsoft gun at the store and actually fired a few real M-4/AR-15 style rifles. The weight is pretty close to real. Of course, the recoil and noise won't be. The ICS PCR-97 is looking pretty good to me right now. I want to look around some more, of course. I think you're right about weapon selection. I'll probably go with a M-4 replica. cjennings: that website you mentioned, airsoftgi.com, if freak'n awesome. Thanks for the link. Thanks again all, -Matt C.-
  13. Wow. Thanks for answering my questions so well. That really helps me out. It sounds like I should give this a try since I already have most of the stuff necessary to seriously participate. All I need is a weapon and ammo (and practice, too). I'm starting to look for people/groups in my area that are into Airsoft. This definitely looks like something for a group of friends, or at least a group of friendly people. The idea of using the honor system to determine hits really influences that. I could see that being a problem with certain attitudes. I will probably go for one of the higher end guns, just because I like quality stuff (buy cheap, buy twice). A M-4 or M-16 knock off from Classic Army or Tokyo Marui will probably be what I'll end up with. I want an Airsoft gun that is as close to real as possible, weight-wise and size-wise. And, even if I end up not liking Airsoft I'll still have a decent gun for indoor target shooting. I could really see myself getting into military simulation, too. As long as its with the right people. I'm sure there are lots of people slightly younger and more frivolous than myself out there. I hope there are a least a few dedicated, mature players out there willing to devote the right amount of effort for something like a good military simulation. I'm even willing to help organize such an thing if need be. Anyway, thanks again for answering my questions and the warm welcome. -Matt C.-
  14. Hi all. I'm very unfamiliar with Airsoft but curious nontheless. An Army Surplus store in my area stocks a large supply of Airsoft weapons and gear. I go in there occasionally for camping supplies and I'm always drawn to their "gun counter" to oogle at all the realistic firearm replicas they have. I've played paintball before and wasn't real thrilled with it. I also own several firearms and enjoy target shooting. I'm 30 years old and I am not in the military or law enforcement. However, something about wearing combat boots and tactical gear appeals to me. I guess I have a little "Mall Ninja" in me. I live in St. Louis Missouri and there are a few places, mainly for paintball, in my area where I've heard people play Airsoft games at. So, even though it carries a dorky stigma I want to learn a little bit more about Airsoft and maybe even play a game to see what it's like. I'm not opposed to being a little dorky or geeky either. I just want to have fun. Some questions I have: How much money is reasonable to spend on an Airsoft gun? What kinds of gear or uniform, aside from a gun and safety devices, to I need if I want to play Airsoft? Are all Airsoft games supposed to be military simulations? How competitive is Airsoft? Are their a lot of jerk players out there only interested in winning? What kind of activities go with Airsoft? Camping? Off-Roading? Miniature Gaming? Tap Dancing? Thanks in advance for any replies. I know newbies can be annoying. -Matt C.-
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