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  1. I'm looking at the Cyma 040B, the Mod 2 KWA, and the standard M4A1 variant JG, with a 14.5'' barrel.
  2. I am looking for a starter aeg, something that I won't need to open up the gearbox on initially or for a while to get decent performance out of. My budget is less than $200. I want something that is going to be the best for larger engagements in forests or fields, etc, not so much CQB. I've narrowed it down to those three guns, though I am still open to others. I am leaning towards the CYMA because I get a full metal gun and don't have to worry about accessories, but will it be the best performing gun and last at least a few years?
  3. Sorry if this gets posted a lot or anything, I've been out of airsoft for a while but I am about to buy a whole setup so I can play again and want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything, or should be getting anything else. Gun: KWA M4 Short CQR Mod 2 Battery: Elite Airsoft 2100mah 4/5A 9.6v Butterfly Battery Pack small connector Charger: Tenergy Smart Universal Charger (is this okay for my battery?) BBs: KWA 0.20g bbs Extra Magazine: KWA 350 round HiCap Extras: Magpul MOE grip and handguard Everything look good? Anything else I need to get? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I am seriously considering a Glock 19 or Glock 17 for training purposes. I plan to purchase a real steel Glock 19 this summer and conceal carry it, and I would really value the experience and practice I could get with an airsoft version. I am also thinking about using it in a game, but it's value for training is much more important. From what I can find there are only three brands that make a Glock 19, WE, KSC, and KJW. It sounds like WE is the lowest quality, but what about the difference between KJW and KSC? And if there was a Glock 17 model that was a lot better than a 19 I wouldn't mind getting that instead, for example there is a TM Glock 17, would that outperform the other 3 with a metal upgrade kit? Other requirements would be the ability to use propane, and accurate dimensions so I can use it in a real holster. Thanks for any advice you guys can give me!
  5. Hey guys, I haven't played airsoft in about two years but since then I have picked up real firearms which have become my hobby. Some of my friends are interested in playing again so I am looking in to what I could get, and could use some advice. My plan was to get a G&G Combat Machine M16 14.4'' for $140, a battery and charger, a bag of BB's, and maybe some upgrades. For upgrades I was thinking a hop up nub and a magpul moe grip (what I have no my AR15). I would like something as reliable and sturdy as possible for the budget, which is about $200 for everything. I am open to other models but when I start reading about wobbly stocks and barrels on AKs I am turned off. Thank you for any advice!
  6. I use PayPal, ship very fast, and all prices include shipping. Please PM me with questions and offers. BDUs: I have two sets, a regular woodland pattern and a digital woodland pattern. I have never used these in games and they are clean and in great condition. Asking $30 shipped for the Digital Pattern, $20 shipped for the Woodland Pattern. This included the top and bottom set for that price. I also have this little chest rig, I'll throw it in for $10 with either of the BDU sets. Red Dots: The smaller one is a Leapers Red Dot, it works great, the longer one is a TruGlo Red Dot. I bought the TruGlo for $70, it has a dot with a ring around it. Both sights have varying power and red and green settings. The TruGlo can unscrew the longer part so it is the same size as the Leapers. Propane Adapter: Works great, don't have any gas guns now. Asking $20 shipped for the Leapers, $40 shipped for the TroGlo, and $15 shipped for the Propane Adapter.
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