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  1. Are the meisters in stock anywhere? All the places I usually check have them out of stock.
  2. To be "competitive" you only really need to have decent consistency/accuracy, so just a decent barrel and hop up mods would be much more cost effective than gearbox upgrades. Assuming the gearbox isn't completely junk, you just want the bb to be spit out in roughly same area most of the time so you know how to play your gun. Then later you can upgrade the gearbox to do more of the things you want.
  3. I'd just save up a little bit more for a decent AEG, the jg m4 enhanced is pretty nice for a starter gun, and from evike will be just slightly more than $100 if you use the sale. If you really have to make the choice between the 2 though, I'd personally go for the vz61 for the semi-auto and upgradeability; pump action is just too slow for me.
  4. also probably a stronger spring depending on how much fps you want
  5. Were you getting premature engagement before? Are the rail guides on the rail?
  6. Something that can output at least 20 amps continuous, which you can calculate by multiplying the discharge rating C with the capacity. e.g. your battery can output roughly 10*1.600 = 16 amps continuous. The higher the discharge the better as the motor will only draw as much as it needs.
  7. Is it a simple o-ring? It looked like a rectangular ring, but that could just be as a result of it forming to the shape of the mag. Anyone happen to know the sizing?
  8. Hm I have not considered that the silicone oil would dissolve the RTV. I actually use a mix of GG and propane depending on what I have handy, but before storing have been using green gas. Would it still be an issue if I use the permatex ultra black RTV? Initially I used some clear RTV but I happen to have some of the black around, still silicone based but is supposed to resist oils very well. If that is no dice as well, have any latex sealant you would recommend?
  9. I was wondering if RTV shrinks in cold weather? I had 2 hi-capa mags that leaked from the magazine base (base o-ring shrunk or such) that I fixed by RTV'ing the base of the mag shell. I left the magazines undisturbed for a while during a rather cold spell (filled with some green gas to keep orings conditioned) and when I got back to them they were completely empty and leaked pretty badly from the base when I try fill them. It doesn't sound/feel like it's from the fill valve orings, so logically it seems like something happened to the RTV seal...but I've never heard of RTV shrinking in the cold, and I'd rather not mess up the seal if it could be something else. At the same time though it seems to be unlikely that the fill valve o-rings would have shrunk if the green gas was keeping them pressurized...
  10. Lighting makes it kind of hard to see the trades, can we have another pic that shows them more clearly and the oddity?
  11. I thought this part was kind of optional; yes you get maximum performance if you do that, but I believe using flat hop based nubs would also work?
  12. Spring is compressed and the only thing stopping the gears from moving backwards is the anti-reversal latch on the bevel gear, so yea it is probably not that great to leave it pre-cocked for a while. Gives near instant trigger response if properly timed though.
  13. For me it's usually the other way, I get to know new people at work/school/etc. and eventually take them airsofting when I think they would enjoy it.
  14. My Elite 9.6v 3300 mah nimh couldn't hold a charge properly after a year of non-use. After power cycling it a few times though, it seemed to somewhat bring it back to life, I.e. after a full charge it will mostly last for a day of gaming, but if you fully charge it and leave it be it will totally discharge within 3 days.
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