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  1. Alright, thanks for the help, I'm going on a search to find something small to poke it back into place with. Oh edit, should any of the collar be visible through the hole for the clip?
  2. Okay, I'll try to piece it back together haha. But I cant seem to keep the collar from sliding forward with the hop up unit when I put it on.
  3. I didn't take the unit itself apart, just separated the inner barrel from the hop up sleeve, collar, and plastic unit. Do I need to take it apart to get it to fit correctly again?
  4. Ok, I was messing around with my G3, and now need to put back together my hop up unit I got the Hop Up Sleeve, just needed to line up the little groove with the line on the inside of the sleeve, but I don't know exactly where to put the collar. Does it go right against the hop up sleeve in those two shallow grooves on either side of the inner barrel? Or does it fit right underneath the section of the hop up that sticks out in front of the little clip. And if it does go in the first one, how do I get it there, every time I slide the hop up on, it slides out of place and I can't return it to the grooves.
  5. So lets see here -Boiling Water -Nail Polish I'll have to try these HAHA, got it off. Good thing I wasn't planning on using it for my loadout, because it looks like it got smashed by a sludge hammer. I put it in a vice grip and put probably 350 lbs of torque before the lok-tite gave. I'm hoping to replace it with a Suppressor.
  6. f roger that. oh boy..tomorrow is going to be interesting.
  7. isn't the volume of a cylinder Radius x Pi x Length? Anyways, I've settled on a 534mm 6.01mm Tightbore, a Systema Hop Up Bucking, a Guarder Cylinder Set, and a PDI power spring. But one thing I need to know, which way does the flash hider on a G3 screw off? Righty Tighty or Righty Loosy?
  8. you can screw off your flash hider, at least, if its like the other MP5's
  9. *cough*sound suppressor*cough* Anyways, that actually screw on to the existing threads of your MP5 and makes the threads counter-clockwise, meaning righty-loosy lefty-tighty (reminds me of Alice in Wonderland). Your MP5 should already have threads that you can use to attach a sound suppressor, but make sure the suppressor has 14mm - (14mm counter clockwise) threads. (if you get that attachment, otherwise, just go with clockwise threads / 14mm +)
  10. I was planning on using mine as a Designated Marksman Platform, very accurate. Anyways back on topic, does anyone know if the Classic Army G3's Flash Suppressor screws on clockwise or counter clockwise?
  11. okay, so the clockwise/counterclockwise is talking about screwing it onto the gun. What I meant by clockwise was taking it off the gun..well anyways, do you know about the SAR Taktic?
  12. Ok, I've seen a friends TM MP7, and the flash hider on it screwed off clockwise. I was wondering if the same thing was true for the Classic Army SAR TakTic Rifle. Just want to be sure before I start cranking away at it.
  13. Alright, I have a be safe plan. I'm going to buy the Type-O, measure the inner dimentions of the open cylinder, and compare that to the length of the barrel.
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