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  1. If it's not insured it's not an official field plain and simple. That being said if you intend to play there you need consent from the actual land owner, not just the guy who lives nearby it. On top of that your best off actually getting his consent in writing in case you do run into any trouble.
  2. I'd dare say that the primary separator between the two is simply respect. It doesn't matter who much someone know's or how good they are if they come to the field and spend half the day being disrespectful to every other player there people are still going to look at them as being a Newbie, and on that same line if someone shows up with a spring shotgun wearing jeans and a tshirt, but is respectful and seems like they are genuinely willing to learn people are going to be much more likely to look at them as being a good player even if they aren't as effective as someone with more knowledge and experience. P.S. I'm not saying spring shotguns are a Newbie gun, I personally love playing with my M3 as much as any of my AEGs, I'm just stereotyping to make a point lol.
  3. The Necro is on topic, and a good post that adds new information or expands on previous information. For that reason I've reopened the thread. Every just stay on topic and it can remain so.
  4. I would much prefer a C, but I'll keep it in mind if nothing comes along.
  5. I'm looking to pick up a new G36c, I'm willing to spend around 350 - 400 shipped. Please only offer highend brands or guns with upgrades. Gun most be in working condition, and decent conditioned externals are a plus. SoA or Paypal are the preferred means of transaction.
  6. Pretty much the same affect cigarettes has on other people. It drains my money and makes me addicted to it.
  7. Link Anyone have any opinions on it, or heard anything about it yet? Thinking about getting one to go in a JG body with a CA box.
  8. It's not a necro if the post is sticky OR if they are adding relevant information to the post. Enough flamming in this thread.
  9. Please post a link to your SoA auction since you are an Authorized Seller Free.
  10. Bumps are allowed after 24 hours if noone has replied to your topic.
  11. Closed before this turns into a flame war. While I personally do agree with Lokie on this one I'm not deleting the thread simply because I also believe that our soldiers have died so that everyone has the right to voice their mind even if I don't agree with them.
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