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  1. Had a little meeting today with a couple members of my team in preparation for an Op this weekend. Here's the armory between four of us: Left to right: el cheapo Spas-15 (bought for low fps zombie skirm this weekend), Echo 1 AK-47, KingArms M4A1, JG M4-Ssystem Advanced, Echo 1 G36c Apologies for poor pictures, and for the RS M1 it had to be in the pictures.
  2. No I didn't. I'm actually fairly certain that it is a motor problem. Because now it pulls. I hooked it all up and pulled the trigger on full and semi unlocked, but it didn't fire. It just whirred. So my motor is not properly aligning. I may just go to my last resort and have the airsoft tech at the local hobby shop take a look at it. 25 dollar/hour though
  3. I haven't fired the gun. I know that fix. The Trigger literally doesn't pull. But, it pulls on full auto, kind of clicks on semi and doesn't on safe (obviously).
  4. It is the hammer. Just pull the hammer down a little bit, silicone that bad boy up and you should be okay. I have the Socom Gear 1911 MEU by WE and it does that sometimes, but was I put silicone on it, it doesn't do it anymore.
  5. I will check, I believe the selector plate does move freely. I have also been told it might be a motor problem or something wrong with 'firing line' which might be what you are referring to.
  6. Yes, as in I cant pull it at all. It doesn't budge.
  7. So I recently installed a weaker spring into my M4, as it shot too hot for the local field. I finally get the damn anti-reversal latch on and the shell back on, and I'm really glad that I did. So I looked and made sure everything was okay. Pulled the trigger, andddddd it pulled fine, smooth, like it normally does. So I go on and finish putting the gearbox back in the receiver, when I finish that I go to pull the trigger and its locked. Completely. Any ideas what happened? Please, if it is possible to fix it without taking the gearbox apart again, choose that route.. Thanks!
  8. I bet you do The lack of customizability is what kills it for me though.
  9. Edited... I did actually. I traded a friend for it. An Echo 1 G36c with some internal upgrades, it was collecting dust and it needed a new home and someone who would give it the use it deserved. So yeah, I got a good deal.
  10. I didn't come here looking to sell it. I put here as it is a picture of a replica, which coincidently is the name of this section of the forum. I didn't put any details about the gun, and I just said it was for sale. As for the 2nd part, yes, it is very difficult.
  11. Here is my *new* CYMA full metal Galil. I traded a friend for it, he wanting a gun he could use at our local airsoft field, and me wanting, well, a new AEG. The thing shoots like a laser.
  12. I am a little doubtful myself towards their overall effectiveness. But, they aren't too expensive to the point that it would really be a miss if I didn't like them.
  13. I'm thinking about picking some of these up. I've been doing research and have seen them in the field. Does anybody here have any experience with them that can guide whether or not to buy them? Sorry if this is the wrong place.
  14. Unfortunately, these are the only pictures that I'm in for the last op I went to. It was called Operation: Hazardous Containment II, a zombie themed op with a night portion. (You can see the rest of the pictures at http://blackopsairsoft.net/forum/index.php...mp;topic=1020.0, and videos at http://blackopsairsoft.net/forum/index.php...p;topic=1021.0) Me walking in to respawn at "The Fuel Depot" (all the way the right, kind of wandering in) In a fierce defensive fire fight holding the "U.S. Bunker" (2nd in from the right) You should really go check out the rest of the pictures, it was a lot of fun.
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