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  1. well the ball buster is 72 hours of pure airsoft there not closing and sac is ausome and people just said it sucks probly because the cant play indoor
  2. Hey I was just wondering who is going to the bb
  3. nice but how much range do have with it
  4. Tiger Stripe all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Its in ATL Georgia and if your going comment this page please.
  6. OMG do u see that sexy kid jp nice loadout clark
  7. I was thinking about getting the TM VSR-10 g-spec. How accurate, reliable, and whats the range for this gun? Also if I buy this weapon what upgrades should I put in it?
  8. I mean at georgetown theres a game every Saturday www.teamairsoft.com
  9. ya on saterday and I usually only use my glock now (at sac)!!!LOL!!!!
  10. If one does not call many hits than......PEPER them with shotgun!!!!!!! Until one calls their hit.
  11. I thot this might be a member of delta black (Cameron) I think, that posted here
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